The apparel B2C repeat purchase rate of more than 50% leading electricity supplier market


technology news news September 24th, iResearch recently released the first half of 2012 the electricity supplier website repeat purchase rate list "apparel online occupy the top 4 seats in 10;" Eric 2012 China monthly coverage of the fastest growing independent B2C list, shoes accessories website is also in the forefront of the overall growth in electricity supplier in case the apparel website still maintain growth, has become one of the largest online shopping demand category, category business has become a comprehensive business force. As to and purchase online shoe as the representative of the traditional business background to force electricity suppliers and the arrival of apparel sales season, the refinement field still have a brilliant future.

"The first half of 2012

iResearch website repeat purchase rate list shows the apparel online occupy 4 seats before the tenth; apparel accessories to the electricity supplier and purchase online shoe, wheat bags represented keep repeat purchase rate of more than 50%. In addition to the "Eric 2012 first half of the electricity supplier website monthly average repeat purchase rate list", from August Analysys International Footwear B2C website traffic statistics also show that the optimal purchase to 740 thousand day visit to the top. The statistics also once again confirms the traditional enterprise to bring the vitality of the market for shoes electricity supplier.

Ari analysts believe that the market in the case of continuous expansion of the market, the market space is sufficient to accommodate a large number of high-quality vertical and medium B2C. The rapid growth of the vertical class independent B2C and the steady and rapid development of the integrated independent B2C, prompting the development of the online shopping industry.

as BELLE international wholly owned operating and purchase online shoe, on-line only more than a year has become one of the largest apparel B2C. With the international resources of BELLE, and purchase in the absorption of BELLE’s brand, more attractive to include CNE, Le saunda, ocaso line strong brands. In the sports category is a strong resource with Adidas and Nike to meet the diverse needs of consumers.

in April this year, excellent purchase launched fashion men’s and women’s clothing channels, including Levi ‘s, Mark Ed Faye and other leading brands settled. More and more broad brand product line, but also the excellent shopping online shoes can be maintained rapid growth of security, key customers purchase approved.

recently and purchase online shoe quietly on the line "Youpin flash sales channel, including BELLE, Teenmix, CNE, he or she, Lies Dan, Nike, Adidas, Senda, wolf claw men and women shoes, outdoor sports and other footwear brands, at the same time, Septwolves, CAT and other international big goods will be added to the low discount flash sales channels, the purchase flash mode and enhance the user can repeat visits and repeat purchase rate to meet the needs of different users. In addition, the "superior flash purchase" will launch a limited edition shoes and apparel goods, bring more abundant flash purchase choice.

eleven with the arrival of the golden week, the line of the clothing market hot products have begun to enter the autumn season, the apparel business will continue to lead the China e-commerce market.

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