Enterprise network marketing in the era of WEB2.0 should be two pronged

We all know that

Web2.0 is more focused on user interaction, the user is browsing the web content, but also create web content, and there are a lot of enterprise network marketing is also only stay in the top search engine marketing, it still stays in the Web1.0 era would not develop with each other. In the enterprise network Web2.0 era is not only to do search engine marketing to do marketing, only the two pronged work closely with the parties can achieve the best effect, the great reference word is " hands are grasping with both hands ".

tried to search engine marketing business, I do not know how many, especially SMEs have the courage to give up. Although the cost of search for consumption is very high, many companies still choose to stick but very reluctantly. Because of the relatively large investment in advertising, small and medium-sized enterprises have gradually carried out search engine optimization, in order to get more opportunities to participate in the competition. With the widespread use of search engines, search engine optimization has also been part of the enterprise attention. As long as the site to improve the quality, reasonable layout keywords and adhere to the content update, you can get relatively stable keywords ranking. Compared to the consumption of expensive keyword bidding costs, natural ranking of course attractive. But if only by the search engine optimization is not enough, although can give us the site into a lot of flow but the enterprise does not depend on the traffic to make money is to depend on the solid transaction, when the search engine to attract customers, customers to buy the company’s products is bound to search the enterprise, see no one what made a bad evaluation of the enterprise, this time to highlight important word-of-mouth marketing.

good reputation is the embodiment of corporate reputation and value, so every enterprise wants to have a good reputation. I think when it comes to reputation in online shopping experience friends should have a relatively clear, some stores in order to let you give him a praise can be painstaking ah. How to carry out word-of-mouth marketing in order to play with the search engine marketing effect? First to maximize the use of word-of-mouth can induce a propaganda tool like: Baidu, Sina, Qihoo asked the question and answer, ask questions and answers, SOSO, Yahoo and the new micro-blog knowledge hall these platforms are not to be ignored. Secondly, the word of mouth to provide customers with the psychological resonance of the target customers. The carrier has the content of the final finding of WOM, WOM can choose some of the more active excellent customer, can also find some groups who can find the best authoritative statement on goods and services, it is very difficult to find, once found and its effect is obvious.

with the rapid development of the Internet, the number of Internet users is not short, in the near future, the competition between enterprises is bound to rise from the traditional competition on the internet. In e-commerce has just started now, companies should grasp the opportunity to do a good job in search engine marketing and word of mouth marketing for the enterprise to lay a solid foundation for a better future. Although there are many ways of network marketing in the future,

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