Electricity supplier tax collection is difficult personal shop who jurisdiction and evidence

electricity providers should have a timetable, not always pay no taxes, can not act with undue haste." This has basically formed a consensus in the electricity business. How to small business tax multitude, really is a highly technical problem.

in what form?

currently on Tmall and other platforms shop shop, are in the form of enterprises, they have long been in accordance with the procedures of the business tax. However, to the Taobao shop on the tax, it faces many problems." Chinese Internet policy expert Gao Hongbing said, "first, the shop owners are personally open store, this is the characteristic of the network economy era, is an innovation of the market, not in accordance with the form of enterprise registration, the provisions in the law of the original and no corresponding regulations and rules and regulations the person in the online shop, to tax in what form


Gao Hongbing also pointed out that, due to personal shop throughout the country, it also involves the jurisdiction and forensics issues. For example, in the tax link, which level of tax authorities are responsible for, what kind of tax levy, which approach to take evidence that these are placed in front of the electricity supplier tax issues.

reporter once interviewed found in the field, there are a lot of Taobao village on the market at present, they are scattered in some small city in rural areas, in the online shop and rely on the unique local resources, although the annual income is good, and can reach the level of the tax, but these shops are very subtle, basically in the farmer’s house, and how to regulate forensics is a problem.

how to verify the true turnover?

Chongqing Zhi Jia Technology – online Monument for Liberation CEO Li Binhong also told reporters that the tax is also another big difficulty in verifying the true turnover of Taobao sellers. On the surface, can be found between the fund operators bank tax department confirmed the turnover, but in fact some Taobao sellers in order to improve the "credit" own money "brush" sales, what is difficult to verify.

Wang Tian believes that the most effective means of monitoring may rely on Alipay or Alipay, but only is not enough, because there are a lot of online payment is not made by alipay. Therefore, to lock the main tax, we must start from the industrial and commercial registration, tax registration, while the need for Industry and commerce, information, banking, quality inspection and other aspects of cooperation with the formation of a regulatory system.

how much tax on the electricity supplier


electricity supplier to the number of tax rates are also the owners and the industry are generally concerned about the topic. CPPCC National Committee, the Party Central Committee Xu Xiaolan said, should let the relevant departments to carry out a special investigation and research, the introduction of the classification guidance, rather than a tax policy. Although the country also introduced a VAT tax system, but this is not all of the enterprises for tax. The tax authorities should seriously study, because there are 70% to 80% of e-commerce practitioners are small and micro enterprises >

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