When double 11 has become the norm where to find growth


] Tmall as in the past to billion state power network in the day of blowing a "red" color of the cyclone, with 50 billion done in one vigorous effort. But recently, with the exchange of more than billion state power network brands, retailers, business executives predict that Tmall wants to double the 11 the same as in previous years, as easy as blowing off dust double lifting platform in a single day total turnover of the "myth" will be difficult to perform.

50 billion is the limit. If the first two Alibaba listed on the 11 will encounter the ceiling, businesses and where to find incremental, which is the common concern of many of these people. Billion state power network connection of the eight summarizes their pre 2014 11 double sentence. When the double 11 has become the norm, not "chicken", and the

decide on what path to follow?

1, the main strength of the field pull grid, branch field competition tragic

billion state power network with hundreds of brands to pay attention to the dynamic process of preparing for the 11 this year, double polarization will be more obvious. Because Tmall had struggled to include Burberry, Estee Lauder and other international big and ZARA, Muji, CK and other international fashion FMCG brands, "the international Legion" from the past into a supporting role on the stage of the 11 pair of new forces.

this year, Tmall intends to highlight the internationalization, in the premise of excessive decentralization of brand clothing category, these international brands can boost Tmall’s overall price level and style. It is precisely because of this, international brands basically occupy the key position of this year’s double 11 main venue.

Internet brand underwear market modal responsible person pointed out that Tmall will become the main venue of more "tall" in the screening of businesses and brand dimensions, many of which are directed to invite, resulting in a lot of brands for manbag. The general manager of 3C brand accessories DBY brand Department Zhou Zongzhu said, the main venue of the 11 Tmall double position this year compared to last year has decreased.

Go, the main venue pulled

grade, forcing some of the main venue for many years had entrenched brands are pushed to the venue, and intensify competition venue.

in some cat double 11 businesses are familiar with, the main venue and the venue between resource allocation gap, either flow or the conversion rate, there is a world of difference.

is a women’s commercial traders forecast this year, the venue of the business will be below 2 million for the first time, one hundred thousand magnitude of turnover. Last year, the venue of the lowest 2 million merchants, this year hundreds of thousands of dollars will be a lot of money." According to her prediction, last year, Top100 women’s clothing will have 40% elimination rate.

2, mobile sales ratio will soar, but only the right hand

Alibaba Q2 financial statements show that its total turnover of the mobile terminal has reached 32.8%, turnover of more than $164 billion. According to Tmall President Qiao Feng is expected to double this year, mobile phone is expected to end 11 turnover and PC shares.


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