Red child dispute is now said to have been approved by the acquisition of Suning

NetEase Francisco March 1st message, the founder of the red child came today sued the company equity issues about red children’s acquisition of Fang Suning to the NetEase technology responded that the company acquisition in strict accordance with the regulations, the approval and the relevant departments have been, to mention the lawsuit, the company will be concerned about.

Red Kids company was founded in 2012 and was acquired by red kids in 2004. The red child co-founder Wang Shuang has the other founder to court, said on their own without the knowledge of equity transfer, this message directly to Suning redBaby acquisition increases the uncertainty of.

Wang Shuang was recorded on micro-blog in February 26th this year, the case of the court, and the current progress of the whole event is pending the verdict of the lawsuit.

the dispute began in a number of children in the founder of gold equity disputes, Li Yang, Wang Shuang, and so on, after the founding of the red child, such as, in addition to the outside of the red children have to leave the line of the company, Xu Peixin, Xu Peixin. According to the equity transfer agreement, Wang Shuang in June 2009 23 to the day of the transfer of shares of his own, Yang Tao.

and today, Wang Shuang said he did not know the transfer of the book, and that the agreement on the signature is forged, not his signature, and thus began to sue the existing founder.’s $60 million acquisition of red children, both sides of the background, warehousing, personnel have completed the docking, realize the unified deployment and management, this means that Suning to coax the child had completed the acquisition of integration in fact.

and Wang Shuang and other founding shareholders dispute on the impact of Suning has not yet finalized. (Wang Jiecong)

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