Cottage domain War who would like to share a cup of soup

cottage domain name became Tang Seng meat

related domain name was registered by a space 50 thousand bid has not been registered people respond to

with the "copycat" this new vocabulary is popular, and "copycat" about the domain name is priceless. Jiang Wei initiated the establishment of the association of the cottage was also bred in the application of the cottage Association down the cottage Association.Com Chinese domain name. The reporters found that most of the domain name associated with the association, copycat copycat in recent years was registered by a space. But more interesting is that a registered domain name has been registered copycat association to do a copycat Association website, then, copycat Association Web site can be "copycat" fate.

is not a popular copycat The early bird catches

yesterday, the reporter contacted Jiang Wei, President of Shenyang Dragon Pharmaceutical company. He told reporters that in December last year the copycat Association shortly after the draft, he has started to register the domain name registration certificate, just after new year came down, the new registered domain name is "copycat Association.Com", and the people are not used to consist on the use of English alphabet or Pinyin domain name. Jiang Wei said that he chose the Chinese domain name.

but there are a lot of users believe that Jiang Weixin registered domain name cottage Association.Com, but the association itself has not been recognized by the relevant departments. Many people think that Jiang Wei is actually his creative is plagiarism, heteronomy in the domain name, so it will start first. To register the domain name, whether it is fear of questioning someone squatting, Jiang Wei responded: "in the intellectual property, must take the initiative and not passive."

but from the registration time, ginger was not too laola. Because in March 2007, the copycat phenomenon has not completely spread, people have already registered the domain name, open the page has no content, only a domain name transfer notice, each claiming that only a reasonable price, will contact with the buyer, the reporter bid 50 thousand yuan, has not been a reply.

cottage domain wars who want to share a slice of

coincidentally, Jiang Wei registered the domain name in almost at the same time, there are also opportunities to, and two domain names registered by the same person. If the Chinese phonetic alphabet can be translated into Chinese characters, two domain names are "copycat Association", has Chinese copycat words "the former association, and has published the relevant copycat news, but the latter is still blank.

reporter linked to the two domain name mr.. He said, his occupation is a registered domain name, the domain name is two he registered the domain name, "feel valuable, but also want to see if there are buyers, but the sale price should be depending on the specific circumstances of buyers and the price is not suitable," I own use".

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