Four strategies for the price and value orientation of the mall website

enterprise website do recently a lot of friends found a phenomenon that previously only makes the enterprise website manufacturers have to enter the most mall site, in addition to the show to pay more attention to the product and consumers face-to-face communication, if the enterprise website is done according to the China Merchants join, then the ShangCheng Railway Station is retail and wholesale. Super market entrance. But the younger brother recently observed some mall site, found a serious problem, but also for the vast number of e-commerce specialist feel headache mall conversion rate is relatively low, this is why


2012 Jingdong and Suning and other businesses in the price of the electricity supplier price war strike violently, to hitherto unknown height, once aroused strong concern of the Ministry, visible price positioning is not just a problem for small and medium-sized enterprises, a large platform is difficult to grasp. The boy in the water purifier mall site case between the product price and value that point thing, to analyze how to improve the traffic conversion, promote users purchase orders:

1: commodity prices and value close to

with a 200 yuan tap this example, this is a very ordinary tap, no prominent place, cheap, functional flat, if you can add a set of micro filtration layer that can be used on the faucet, consumers choose which buy still need to consider when? The commodity price and the similar value, its added value will be the one and only to promote the consumption of the compass.

two: commodity value is much greater than the price of

what kind of commodity value is far greater than the market price? I think apple is one of the typical representative, said that Apple’s mobile phone is expensive, but we have to buy, even maishen also want to buy an apple mobile phone, why so crazy? Is very simple, when consumers do not care about the price level, not compared with other counterparts, the price is almost negligible.

three: commodity prices are too high

to do network marketing, from the user’s point of view to consider things will play a multiplier effect, as the electricity supplier companies or consumers or terminal or to the customer price is very sensitive, if I want to buy a water purifier for the Spring Festival my father-in-law, less than 2000 yuan can buy directly from the Internet, if it is about 100000000 will go to the local store and pick up the entity type. At this time consumers will never blindly orders, completely back to the level of rational consumption, so the price of the product itself directly affect the level of direct factors that users will not buy.

four: commodity prices are not high

cheap goods, everyone can consume, everyone can afford, continuous improvement in the standard of living today, no one to heartache pocket money, so which sell well will go home, this is Chinese shopping suit form, there is a big emotional card, for example immediately enter the Spring Festival, every family will send gifts, what kind of relationship between different.

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