WeChat interface open what are the possibilities of electricity supplier applications

[Reuters] news billion state power in January 13th, WeChat announced the opening of 11 JS-SDK interface, many WeChat third party developers began to "excited", have given WeChat’s move. And specific to the electricity supplier industry, the open interface can bring what? Feedback billion state power network integrated WeChat WeChat official and third party developers, sort out the following possibilities:

one, more based on WeChat webapp developers appear

Tencent this open js-sdk, the degree of openness allows third party developers to make a WeChat browser based version of WeChat, WeChat ecosystem for the construction of a big step out. For third party developers, abandon the native App, focus on doing a good job based on WeChat’s H5 webapp, is easier than ever, of course, this is what the Tencent want to see." A WeChat third party developers told billion state power network. Previously, there have been micro, praise WeChat developers based on appearance, but its mainly play the role of service providers, there are also some fully grown up electricity supplier WeChat or O2O project based on no official website, no App, but because the interface is limited, its implementation in some functions on a very roundabout, not directly to achieve.

is the most typical case is the photo printing applications, users need to send in public dialogue mode and WeChat pictures, open image interface, developers will be able to directly in the WeChat website direct selection, edit pictures or call a mobile phone camera photographed. For the electricity supplier, the opening of the interface means that the page can be achieved within the user single.

, however, there are developers that, compared to webapp, native App still has its incomparable advantages, if you do not want too much in the future subject to WeChat, many developers will still adhere to the native App.

two, according to the user network status push content

most of the public accounts in the push content, because the picture is more, such as video streaming material consumption and affect the user to use and receive. In particular, the electricity supplier class public number, designed to order, pay the web structure is relatively complex, and the impact of the state of the network is very large, easily lead to the purchase of low conversion rate.

, according to WeChat official introduction, in the "device class interface information open, developers can get the user’s current mobile phone network equipment, such as 2G, 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi, to intervene by means of technology, such as network equipment according to the state of push the appropriate version of the page, it will greatly increase the experience and overall" conversion rate.

three, access to user card coupons using data

in addition to access to the network status of the user equipment, developers will also be able to get user card coupons. After the WeChat open card interface, the merchant can add a variety of card coupons in the web page, and directly for the user to demonstrate what can be used in the vicinity of the store

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