Double 11 official price list popular Tmall This is fake!

"original price 6988 luxurious massage chair, double only sells for 1.11 yuan, the discount range 0.02%……" Recently, a "double Tmall 11 official most complete explosion list (internal top secret)" outflow, which contains 17 tabs, 1500 selling a variety of goods, this list also forwarded a lot on the social networking platform. Unable to confirm the source of these links, Tmall customer service staff to remind consumers, it is best not to click on the link in the list to buy.

origin of the list of 11 discount online popular

"the original price of 889 Playboy shoes, double the price of 228 yuan, the discount rate of $26%; the original price of $998 L’OREAL group new flower color box, double the price of 200 yuan, discount rate of $20%, the price of 11……"

this is a double 11 "Tmall official the explosion models list (internal secret)" listed in the Tmall double 11 offers several.

recently, such a list is widely shared on social networking sites. BYD reporter saw 1500 selling a variety of goods in this form, the information of all goods are in accordance with the beauty, women’s bags, etc. 17 labels detailed classification. Each category lists the name of each commodity, market price, double 11 price, discount intensity, commodity links, business name, recommended reasons, etc..

"I saw this list is particularly happy, because there are already wanted to buy something, and the annual double 11 shopping Carnival day, Tmall will be a lot cheaper than usual. There is a lot of discounted goods in this list, I looked carefully, but did not find that I want to buy." Online shopping Daren Ma said, as early as three days ago, I saw this list in other groups, then did not care too much. Yesterday, there are friends in the QQ exchange group to share this list, I just have time to download, and then I also shared in the 4 communication group to a friend."

questioned "this could be a premeditated marketing"

"double 11 a few years ago, a commodity sales started immediately out of the shelf, people had doubts about these businesses are actually in the hype, low prices to attract people’s attention, to advertise their own brand." Mr. Ma then made their own judgments, "I think the credibility of this list is still relatively high, even if it is not really a promotion, but also a premeditated marketing, because the list of tables are done especially fine, the general practical joke not doing so."

"I want to buy a TV, in recent months has been concerned about the changes in the price of TV, but this list is not what I want to buy that model, I decided not to buy the first." Mr. Zhang yesterday visited the list told reporters BYD, he is a rational consumer, not because of the change of shopping list. "In fact, I’ve seen this list on several other websites, and I’ve found these lists after download

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