Tao Chi analysis adopted Jingdong mall’s long tail strategy

Terry Gou and Du Jiabin joined forces, tiger Tesco last weekend shopping quietly into the field of electronic commerce B2C, can be said that the current B2C market share strong competitors of the highest rate of Jingdong mall. Of course, as B2C is now in the lead brother, Jingdong store are not a sign of weakness, they are constantly growing, Jingdong also began to gradually to the site of the tentacles of long tail keywords. Of course, the implementation of the Jingdong is also a long tail strategy inadvertently discovered, but its intention is indeed very obvious, enclosure. The 28 law, I believe you have heard, SEO is the 28 law, twenty percent key words occupy eighty percent of the traffic, so many people are obsessed with website Zaijin popular keywords those who occupy high traffic, hit each other head, only to find that so much traffic did not bring high profit to imagine in.

Jingdong mall, although the mainstream words in a variety of commodities and did not get a good ranking, why can do to occupy nearly 40% of the market share of B2C. Network marketing is well done, to television advertising, to Baidu promotion link, no place can not see the shadow, today launched its long tail strategy, more is to expand the results, let us adopt the analysis of all Jingdong is how to do long tail keywords Amoy wisdom network marketing agency.

Baidu search what brand of washing machine is good, what brand of washing machine is good, what brand of washing machines and other types of words, you will find that the basic page of the Jingdong appears in the top 3. You know, the conversion rate is very high. Perhaps you will ask why Jingdong can so many long tail words occupy a good ranking, we adopt Tao Chi believes that the reasons are the following:

first, the topic of the page, enter the keyword page, you will find that this is actually a special web site on the right side of the long tail keywords, the accumulation of a large number, there are, to the camera from the washing machine to the air conditioning, and the type is with is according to the user may search list, page concise clear, no feeling piling up.

then, after "good SEO layout, from the title to describe, set well, directly from the home directory > washing machine what brand is good, so the set of pages get good weight transfer from the home page, the page weight increase in the long tail page there is a big row help.

finally, the user experience and service Jingdong mall has good adhesion to the user site is very strong, so that the user’s return rate increased, even if the site is not good ranking in 20% popular keywords, but they can still get a lot of users visit, which I have to say thanks to a large number of long tail traffic in this regard, long tail strategy of Jingdong mall is very successful.

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