From the crown door to the 6700 yuan brush crown integrity sellers go

Taobao crown door events much raise a Babel of criticism of in this storm, a lot of crown seller cheating was gradually exposed, high credibility of tens of thousands or even about one hundred thousand is actually out of the brush. Many sellers also blew, Taobao 2 million sellers, a number of brush reputation shocking. Brush drill seriously affect consumer confidence, many buyers even doubt Taobao’s credit mechanism, online shopping confidence fell. In the face of the brush drill prevalent phenomenon, made a series of measures to crack down on speculation, seller reputation, protect the rights and interests of the seller and buyer credit. For Taobao update security audit monitoring system, strengthen supervision, to carry out self-examination action, urging the seller to delete false credit, and start their own review procedures, seized more than 60 thousand credit speculation serious sellers.

Taobao this action seized many sellers, great in strength and impetus, how many plays a role, but the long-term development of the brush drill speculation credit problems, and therefore did not disappear. The so-called road, one upmanship. Due to limitations of security audit monitoring system of Taobao, the emergence of the Internet for sellers brush reputation website, technology is more hidden wise, they threatened to spend as long as 6700 yuan can brush the crown reputation, to ensure high safety, brush credit and real credit no difference, make Taobao monitoring system more difficult to detect cheating the evidence.

Huge traffic and customer

and bring the diamond crown, still tempted many sellers, so that they continue to rush into danger credit speculation. With the increasingly sophisticated means of security speculation, as long as the seller is willing to spend a sum of money, please brush the company’s professional operation of the brush, the credibility of the security readily available, customers and money will follow. These do great harm to the credibility of speculation, through their own a sweat accumulation honest seller of credit, especially novice sellers, their credit is low, fixed fewer customers, lack of competitiveness in the fierce competition, many similar products of Taobao, even, than the price of big sellers is cheap, good quality of service, but also because of low credit and make a lot of buyers.

a lot of sellers put a lot of effort in the shop, for each commodity, like to treat their children, careful care, they attach importance to every customer, the integrity of their own store. They take a good baby seriously, the effort to decorate the store, perfect careful description, treat each customer as the consultation, the greatest enthusiasm for eliminating confusion. Every step of the service is impeccable, but the number of monthly sales are still so very few. Because of the credit is not high, ranking after the merchandise, browse low, hard to do one or two years barely got a diamond. Many honest sellers began to lose, we should go from here?

Miss Zhang on the Taobao fashion women’s clothing has been a year, has its own work in the body, can only make use of spare time to do part-time Taobao, the source is to go to the wholesale market near the city to find the weekend. From her first time to turn on the computer every day, hanging on Wangwang, for fear of missing any one customer. In a hurry to eat, Miss Zhang set up a simple camera device, the United States and the United States and the clothes shop carefully on the bed, put on the decoration of small bouquets of flowers, from the multi angle

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