How to deal with the problem of e-commerce model in small and medium sized enterprises

in the face of serious product homogeneity, market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, the degree of intense increasingly obvious market environment, small and medium-sized enterprises are facing some inherent market share with the big brands of the channel sink gradually being eroded predicament. In such a competitive market environment, the pace of development of small and medium enterprises is difficult, only by constantly looking for new channels to expand, in order to save the shrinking market share.

according to incomplete statistics, as of the end of 2010 China’s Internet users more than 420 million, accounting for the share of the national 1/3, and showed a rising trend. Wang believes that such a huge network market, e-commerce model or will become the best way to expand channels for smes. The operation mode of the electronic commerce can not only establish a new product sales channels, but also provide products customer service service, timely dissemination of market policy and enterprise information platform, operating properly eventually become commercial value-added platform of their own all-round integration operation. This way not only greatly reduce the operating costs of enterprises, improve the management efficiency of the enterprise at the same time, by consumers get fast and efficient and affordable products and services on the Internet, shaping the corporate brand reputation, to attract and stabilize consumer groups.

so how to conduct e-commerce model

a strategic thinking framework e-commerce platform

any one market, the sooner the entry, the more favorable to the development of enterprises. The operation of e-commerce platform for small and medium-sized enterprises must grasp, targeted in e-commerce operation, network marketing, network marketing products, services and other aspects of formulating reasonable and in line with the actual conditions of the enterprise operation strategy.

analysis of small and medium-sized enterprises at present situation, many small and medium-sized business information published in Alibaba, such as e-commerce platform, the effect can promote the sales of the products, there is the promotion of a business environment that is essentially for the business platform foil.

two, e-commerce layout to steadily promote, and gradually enhance the

must first organize their own resources, seize the core resources, from the enterprise brand, network platform, user groups to carry out three aspects of the layout. But many small and medium-sized enterprises in the current market share is not stable enough, the lack of resources, electronic commerce is a low cost starting strategy, enterprises should gradually increase steadily, in the layout, it needs some time to transition, not overnight.

three, e-commerce is the key to the operation of the company must pay attention and recognition

understand the development of many mintshine enterprises of electronic commerce, are bumpy twists and turns, not even get the attention and recognition of corporate executives in the implementation process, the case is really a lot of give up halfway. Business entities, traditional business owners and senior leadership decision-making lack of experience and knowledge in e-commerce, no consensus management highly consistent, e-commerce operations team in enterprise operation, introduction and development of generation gap, from.

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