Domain selection ten tips

The domain name is the link of the enterprise and the Internet, it is like the same brand, trademark has an important role in the recognition, is the enterprise website visitors to access the "key" is a sign that exists on the network of enterprises, plays a dual role labeling site and site oriented enterprise.

when choose a domain name, first of all should follow two basic principles.

1 domain name should be concise, easy to input

this is the most important factor to determine the quality of the domain name. A good domain name should be short and easy to read, easy to remember, the best people to look at to remember and read pronunciation, spelling mistakes will not lead to. In addition, the domain name selected should avoid homonym.

1 with enterprise name Pinyin as domain name

2 with the name of the enterprise name as the domain name corresponding EnglishA

3 for abbreviation as a domain name company nameThe name of

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