Suning online selling books or Jingdong to encirclement

in the book "blue ocean", how to win? Recently there is news that will hand, to build online mall department store. The reporter found that has been selling a book. Although only more than and 10, but general manager Ling Guosheng told reporters in Nandu, Suning will have 300 thousand -40 million books online. The book is just a test of Suning, the future will expand to other businesses". has ambitions in Suning — completely bared there and then the next ten year plan, plans to 2020, product line covers household appliances, Home Furnishing, department stores, books, audio and video, sports and outdoor, online legal education, consulting and other services, "on the Internet to create a su ning".

Suning test the water to sell books

"book business as a future development direction of, just a test, is still in the exploration stage." Ling Guosheng admitted that the choice to enter the book industry because the book market is relatively mature, the target market is clear, to increase user stickiness help."

Ling Guosheng said Suning has not yet considered specific investment in books, but as long as there is demand, will increase investment.

reporter found on’s website, the book channel is classified into "office equipment, computer configuration" column, only "mistakenly measured on our lives: why G D P growth is not equal to social progress" and other 13 kinds of books. Ling Guosheng explained that these books have just put on, then at least 300 thousand -40 million books on the line.

it is understood that Suning’s book sales target is a network of people, the variety of books will be equipped with a network of people from the reading interest of the crowd, has signed a contract with dozens of publishers.

in addition to selling books on the Internet, Suning also quietly in the store to try to book. Beijing Suning Sijiqing store, the store alone out of two living supermarket, selling books, sporting goods, daily necessities, etc., most of the books in the store priced at 10 yuan / book. Suning said it was done to give customers a one-stop shopping experience.

Zhang Jindong, chairman of Suning

WAL-MART has been compared with suning. Su Ning is still exploring a new model, once the failure, Suning will return home appliance chain." Zhang Jindong said. Suning’s goal is not just to stay in home appliances, books, but a set of appliances, cosmetics, books, department stores, including game cards, booking tickets and other virtual goods business integrated platform.

Suning into the book industry at the same time, also settled in the department store industry. Department store industry as the second development goals in development, Ling Guosheng said.

Suning Appliance President Jin Ming has said that Suning retail and B2C channels will continue to enrich the various types of daily necessities, the formation of a diversified consumer demand, personalized demand product cloud".

but the industry believes that "any enterprise can"

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