When art meets business, how should the down to earth

mobile Internet era of competition, but not broken. Therefore, the art of electricity providers only quickly and effectively occupy the highest point of the user, the layout of the entrance, in order to remain invincible in the competition in the future.


2014 art electricity supplier industry as a whole, the development of faster, more concerned about the people, people want to invest more, get more people to invest. After all, can attract eyeball where there is economic, art business after more than and 10 years of accumulation and finally there is a growing opportunity, the long stick in the front of the comrades, can not be said to be a little comfort.

in 2014, the author conducted an in-depth study of the industry and found a problem: we have the art of electricity supplier as a product to do. This is like the traditional opera is a reason to take the stage, I what all right, take what stage, what to sing opera, is expected to be what the audience, but if you set the table, the audience has changed, or some people love to dance, how do you change the table or: for the audience? Think about it, which costs are not low.

now is the mobile Internet era, the user is king of the times, you want to even tens of billions of dollars in the valuation of millet around the user, while millet mobile phone, then a television millet, millet flat, millet router what, so some people on the shelling millet job, should learn from Apple, but he really millet understand? In fact is the core strategy of millet users, make the mobile Internet entrance. This is like Sun Wukong’s seventy-two change, do not give him a change to confuse, and ignore his nature. See millet, like Jingdong is also the same. It is not to say that the product is not important, but to see what is behind the nature of the product to do two words, or users.

in today’s mobile Internet competition, has become a mobile Internet entrance to snatch war, Ali, Baidu, Tencent, which is not the case? They are very smart, drops, fast, with the power of capital, subsidies, subsidies of 12 million crazy day, don’t they know that money is of course they know? Well, that is, they just want to quickly capture the market and users, and finally the formation of mobile travel entrance.

so, art electricity supplier is bound to go this way, why do you say that because there is no second way to go.

in terms of the art business industry, resources can not be said to be to their advantage, after all, the most advantage of the art resources are firmly in the grasp of online galleries, collectors, auction and other hand, has never been shaken, so it has been a lot of art electricity providers are playing contemporary art ideas, but also to the traditional art the industry over the screen, some very poor, very helpless.

in the mobile Internet era, all of which will gradually change, art electricity supplier will rely on the mobile internet corner overtaking, rapid layout of the market and users, >

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