Jingdong mall continued layout travel industry get involved in the field of train tickets


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March 30th morning news, Jingdong mall continued in the travel industry layout, low-key launch ticket booking and purchasing services. Jingdong said the mall business is in beta stage, so don’t reveal details.

in the Jingdong launched a train ticket booking and purchasing channels, users can query, booking train tickets for trips, according to the source of the destination, currently in beta stage, the Jingdong is the ticket, in addition to 5 yuan railway ticket sales and service fees, will also receive special delivery fee of 20 yuan.

According to the Jingdong

mall insiders, Jingdong may provide consumers pick up the train ticket business, but because in the medial stage there are many details need to be adjusted, so the final consumer access ticketing way is not finalized.

Jingdong mall official refused to disclose the business cooperation with who. According to information previously disclosed by the media, Jingdong mall with the business of iron friends travel network (formerly a long time ticket network) launched in July last year, Ctrip also reached this cooperation with the iron network.

But the Jingdong

mall declined to comment on the partners.

this also means that last year and in February this year, after the introduction of air tickets, hotel booking business, Jingdong to increase the layout of the online travel industry.

since the spring of this year the Ministry of Railways official ticketing website 12306 ticket train ticket leads to paralysis, concern, the Ministry of railways had also had a meeting with Alipay, Baidu and other ticketing system to discuss the upgrading of enterprises, but not disclosure will be involved in the third party business enterprise. Analysts believe that Jingdong vigorously into this area, will increase the competition in the industry, but also may be restricted on the resources.

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