Talking about selling skills from selling combs

we look at a story: a large company is very powerful for the community to recruit elite sales 1, applicants in a continuous line after heavy selection, the remaining three people last. The company is the production and sale of combs, the last test of the problem is: to the temple to sell combs. See this we can not help but for the three sales staff a sweat, or look at the results of these three people:

A: after hard work, I finally sold a comb. (in running a lot of temples, selling to the numerous monks after the way down the mountain in a temple with a little monk, because the head is urticant, catch the head, forced a salesman a little monk came to recommend this. Their tools, finally to persuade the monk comb as a scratching tool sold out.

B: after hard work and observation, I sold ten combs. In the corner of the temple (observation two days, think of their own sales breakthrough, find the abbot of the monastery, said each afar pilgrims are a little fatigued with the journey, this is the Buddha with dishevelled hair and a dirty face, and Buddha disrespectful, if the side in every statue of Buddha put a comb let the pilgrims pilgrimage, first combing his hair again good kneeling worship Buddha Bodhisattva isn’t more respect for the Buddha, the pilgrims will be more satisfied. The abbot accepted the salesman’s advice, bought ten combs.


C: after hard work, observation and reflection, the last time I sold 1500 combs. First, the salesman was observed, then observed, and then analyzed. Think of the temple come to burn incense and believers are pilgrimage donations, devout pray make light of travelling a thousand li, good faith, worship, have to be the mascot or talisman like the idea, then find the abbot, discuss on the comb carved all kinds of text, such as a pious comb, comb, comb comb auspicious, peace…… , and is divided into different grades, the pilgrims pilgrimage donation after the donation amount respectively according to the different gift, results after application very good response in the temple, presided at the 1500) this is just the beginning, the latter will have better sales, but the salesman’s bold ideas to broaden ideas, it is worth our to learn.

we all know it’s not easy to sell a comb to a monk. Therefore, these three people should be regarded as very good sales staff. We read this story, have a lot of their own feelings.

is a very hard-working sales staff, the face of the challenges facing the difficulties, the contract and do not give up, in the unremitting efforts, and finally the successful completion of the task. Because he dug another function – Scratch products, this is his cleverness. The same is true when we do sales, whether it is only to identify the main functions of our sales out what features are the most customers need?

B grades 0-2, in the sales process, he through observation and careful thinking, bold change of traditional marketing object, may not need people to buy to be.

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