Low cost and even no cost network promotion follow up sales

one, many shopkeepers are looking for low-cost or even no cost network promotion methods. Today, I would like to recommend the model is the follow-up sales. Follow up sales (backend sales), after the completion of the first purchase of buyers, sellers and other reasons to win buyers continue to buy.

two, the first step in subsequent sales is to win the buyer’s first purchase. A shop in order to win new customers to buy, will cost a lot of cost, such as price method, using the method of advertisement, with a method of prize winning sales, with 1 yuan starting method, with the second shot, with the sample method, the purpose of these methods is to get online a number of new customers. But there are too many shop in the future, ushered in the first batch of new customers, even look, no below…….

three, in the subsequent sale of clear concept, to do is: A, record the contact method of new customers; B analysis of shopping features new customers; C, according to the characteristics of the new shopping customers, recommend related products; D, to enhance sales in subsequent sales.

four, analysis of the characteristics of new customers, the best method is the use of data analysis software, because many new customers is estimated to be less than you, the most famous example is the United States supermarket customer analysis, data show that many American men in the purchase of beer at the same time, will go to buy baby diapers. The data allow supermarkets to display beer and diapers together to boost sales.

five, recommend related products, many cases in this regard. For example, in many book shop, after buying a book in the new customer, immediately be reminded: buying this book customers also bought certain books. In fact, this is also a data guide.

six, in the first batch of new customers in the middle, to guide them to follow the contents of the sale of the fact that there are 3 kinds, one is related to sales, one is to enhance sales, a value-added sales. "Sir, the last time you bought clothes here, now we got a batch of socks, need to look at?" this is a kind of sales; "Sir, you just buy a sandwich, and now as long as 3 yuan can get a cup of juice, need?" this is a to increase the sales. Sir, for your needs, we have several value-added services, although it will be more expensive, but they have new value." This is a value-added service.

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