Ali Jingdong and many other home appliances promised to double 11 not selling is not a single brush

Xinhua news agency, Beijing, November, (reporter Gao Jing) – eleven, is about to open the curtain, rest assured that online shopping is one of the most concerned about the issue of Internet users has been one of the most. Alibaba, Jingdong group and other more than and 20 business platform and more than 130 shop operators 3 joint signature, commitment to "honest law-abiding, not selling is not a single brush".

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held the same day the network operator "integrity of law-abiding" campaign was informed that the first half of this year, China’s online shopping users reached more than 400 million, online retail market transactions over 1 trillion and 600 billion yuan, accounting for 11.4% of the total retail sales of social commodities. At the same time, network transactions, false propaganda, sales of counterfeit and shoddy products, after-sales service and other issues are not guaranteed. National Administration for Industry and Commerce in the first half of the admissibility of the rapid growth of online shopping complaints, an increase of 1.4 times, up to 61 thousand.

At the end of the year is

network promotion season. In the past, the problem is part of the electricity supplier price is not available, the first price discount, scalping, become the hardest hit consumer complaints and criticism.

Yang Wenbin, vice president and Secretary General of the China Association of individual workers, said in his activities, to create a fair competition in the online trading environment and safe consumer environment, the need for joint efforts of the whole society

. He suggested that the government should perfect the laws and regulations in addition to the third party trading platform operators to carry out network operator identification system in accordance with relevant state regulations, improve the system of real name system and credit evaluation shop, give full play to the management audit supervision, establish and perfect the trading rules and inspection and monitoring system, strengthen the management of the network platform shop specification. Network operators should strengthen the autonomy of enterprises, enhance the sense of responsibility, consciously abide by the relevant laws and regulations, according to the law, integrity management, regulate their own business behavior. At the same time, it is necessary to give full play to the role of the consumer, the media supervision, timely report on violations of the law.

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