2015 Taobao Tmall 11 double auction venue.


Taobao Tmall double 11 is coming, the double eleven big promotion activities were set 1 main venue, 31 venues (including 12 special venue) and 25 big promotion, field, and all the meeting will continue to use the race promotion mechanism. As one of the 12 characteristics of the venue of the auction site of the two pairs of 11 auction rules and rules of activity also recently exposed. It is understood that 2015 pairs of the auction venue is divided into 13 sub field, and in November 1st -11 month on the 10 day of pre auction auction on.

more details about the auction venue are as follows:

one, 2015 pairs of 11 auction venue schedule

A. auction venue venue merchants audition registration time: September 15th -9 month 30 days (only through auditions, will be the main venue for


B. announced the results of the audit audition time: September 30th

C. 11 auction venue registration time: October 8th -10 month 23

D. field audit results announcement date: October 31st

E. double 11 warm-up warm-up time: November 1st -11 month, 10

F. double auction venue auction 11: November 11th

two, 2015 pairs of the auction house will be set up 11 games play

A. requires auction shop sellers to set up shop red (double 11 red envelopes to promote the use of a wide range of goods, starting in October 8th to set up, the effective time is November, 11)

B. requires the seller to set the store to reduce (the seller can be set from October 8th)

C. auction house auction shop to sell the site to undertake the page (such as the decoration system will not be used to promote the default template, the shop to undertake the page can be renovated from October 19th)

three, 2015 pairs of the auction venue to show the location of 11

auction venue has 13 branch field, respectively: limited shooting, judicial auction, culture, real estate, China jade jewelry, crafts, toys, special auction, tea wine tonic, Yixing Ceramic and auction houses, pawn. Among them, the auction venue investment category including luxury goods (table, bags, accessories, clothing), tea, wine, justice, assets, investment real estate, hot hot city high-end real estate, city of Hetian jade, jade, diamond, amber, Yantai, carving, wood carving decoration, furniture of Ming and Qing dynasties, mobile phone number, domain name and religion, pet, purple, celadon, white porcelain, Jingdezhen pottery, etc.. (as shown in the appendix at the bottom of the article)

remarks: the final specific layout and pit number to Taobao officially announced the actual page is

in addition, 2015 Taobao double auction venue will continue to follow the rules of the horse racing in the hour of the race, the seller can by > 11

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