Over 60% T, home appliance companies use CN domain name

IT is the industry only a short while ago, "xenophilia", when the IT enterprise is almost non COM domain name registered at all no, with the "***china.com" form of the lengthy and obscure domain name. Today, Amazon Co, MyS – pace, GOOGLE and other international giants in the Chinese not enabled CN domain name is replaced with the CN domain name as the main domain name. The COM domain name and domain name CN is showing the shift in momentum, China Internet Network Marketing Association Working Committee recently announced the "survey of Internet brand marketing in 2007 Chinese IT industry" (hereinafter referred to as "IT Industry Report"). IT industry report shows that the current national top-level domain name CN domain name in the proportion of IT companies have reached 65%, becoming an important position in the battle for the IT industry market. According to the survey released over the same period and Internet brand marketing situation China appliance industry appliance industry "(hereinafter referred to as the" home appliance industry report "), results show that the application of the proportion of CN domain name in the appliance enterprises has reached 64%, and the IT industry to be roughly the same. IT industry report is the China Internet association Internet Marketing Committee for the IT industry, the Internet brand building survey released. "IT industry report," a total of 100 of China’s IT industry survey. There are 65 applications of the CN domain name, accounting for 65% of the total number of companies, to CN domain name as the main domain name of a total of 54. At the same time, according to the home appliance industry report shows that in the 78 household electrical appliance enterprises involved in the investigation, in addition to the use of CN companies outside the domain name, CN domain name as the main domain of a total of 39 companies, the proportion of up to 50%.

in fact, the appliance industry is an early application of CN domain names. 2004 appeared Samsung breath registered 470 CN domain name amazing move, while Haier group also registered a more than and 50 related CN domain name. Today, the influence of CN domain name has been far more than the original. Some well-known large enterprises are more forward-looking sense in brand protection, not only timely registration and use, it is in the external promotion and protection, to highlight and strengthen the CN logo, to ensure that the brand building enterprises ahead of the pace of development, and with the CN domain of this Chinese logo, and strive for greater market share in the domestic market. I buy a cell phone, buy appliances before, usually enter the United States gome.com.cn, Suning suning.cn, to their website to see." Working for an airline Tam said that the impact of the Internet on shopping habits is growing. It is understood that the country’s largest home appliance retail chain Gome group, in 2002 on the registration of the gome.com.cn, and its corporate website as the main domain name, also widely displayed in outdoor signage. The rise in the IT enterprise ZTE, as a listed company as early as 1998 registered zte.com.cn. CN domain name, as an indispensable element of corporate identity, plays an important role in the process of Chinese enterprises based on domestic and international

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