Lasafo again responded fake stressed the customs formalities but import approval is still many again responded fake stressed the customs formalities but import approval is still many

TechWeb reported in April 16th this week / color

April 14th, the only product of consumer complaints involving fake fan Jia Le bee ", said the purchase from Lasafo mask packaging neither imported cosmetics certificate or inspection approval number, but also did not find the goods imported cosmetics hygiene license number. Beijing food and drug administration to understand the relevant complaints have been formally filed, and law enforcement officers on the scene to investigate the bee bee net warehouse.

Lasafo in a statement released the same day that the Beijing food and Drug Administration of Beijing is located in the Shunyi District Beijing warehouse for inspection, found that about 1000 cases of the total value of imports about 1 million 800 thousand of the existing mask "imported cosmetics hygiene license tag specification", has been withheld this batch of products. Le bee network also on the batch of products under the shelf.

due to the lack of relevant documents and certificates, in addition to "fake" fakers "complaints, the industry also proposed the question suspected of smuggling".

Le bee network smuggling?

emphasizes the customs formalities are not answered no import approval said in a statement stressed that consumer complaints of the batch of products inspection and quarantine certificate, after inspection of the State Food and Drug Administration formulated the inspection agency, the product itself is no problem, there is no so-called selling or smuggling.

Internet lawyer Zhao Zhanling said to TechWeb, if Le bee network has a formal customs declaration documents, even if not smuggling. If there is no approval certificate or the number of imported cosmetics inspection, and imported cosmetics hygiene permit number, if the goods are not Chinese food and drug administration permission for sales, sales are illegal, should be subject to administrative penalties."

TechWeb call Le bee network, the other said, the batch of goods are all customs clearance procedures, and has been described and submitted to the Beijing food and drug administration." But if you have imported cosmetics approval number, the other side has not responded.

It is understood that

, imports of cosmetics under normal circumstances should include inspection, commodity inspection, health certificate of origin and overseas purchase orders, customs bonded materials, original invoices and brands direct authorization, the inspection supervision in the file are, but both can be false, purchase orders and customs declaration are false.

cosmetics electricity supplier, the original invoice and the brand is more difficult to obtain direct authorization, more contact with the cosmetics brand channels.

so, is suspected of selling fake? Insiders pointed out that this is mainly to see whether the Lasafo directly authorized party brand. If it is unable to provide the product side of the brand directly authorized documents, perhaps involving fake.

lawyers view

electricity supplier can not mention

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