Women sea Amoy buy much But the man cut the hand more sharp

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– Drawing: Liao Muxing source: Xinhua News Agency

data show that a single online shopping spending in the proportion of more than 2000 yuan, male sea Amoy group was 56%, while women only 41%

, according to Xinhua news agency, 2015, from the "double eleven", "black Friday", and then to Christmas, in a year of "shopping" in 68 countries…… Where are the China consumers "shopping spree"? And have to buy what? Big data journalists from Ali Institute, research and Consultancy – luxury wealth Institute of quality, told relatives, 2015 Chinese have to buy what "dry cargo".

90 after the crowd into the main consumer online shopping

electricity supplier, China’s consumer market is only a supplementary power, the answer has quietly changed in 2015?. According to the National Bureau of statistics data, 1-11 months nationwide physical goods online retail sales grew by 33%, accounting for the proportion of total retail sales of social consumer goods was $10.6%.

"the store, not for a long time?" for more and more young consumers, this sentence has become a resonance. 2015 Taobao big data analysis report shows that the number of users under the age of 28 accounted for more than half of the number of users on the Taobao. After 80 groups not only in the number of people or in the amount of consumption accounted for relatively high; 90 people despite the amount of consumption is not high, but the number has been an absolute main consumer.


consulting firm and Ali Institute recently jointly issued a "consumer trends report Chinese — three new power consumption leading new economy" said, in 2010, only 3% of private consumption from 2015, the total number of China online; online shoppers almost doubled three times, reached 410 million, the total consumption of online channels accounted for private consumption 15%. The report also predicts that by 2020, private online spending will grow at an annual rate of 21%, accounting for about 24% of private consumption.

electricity supplier to what extent we have to buy buy buy world map data statistics, this year, double eleven within 24 hours, the total net sales of $122 billion 940 million, resulting in the number of parcels of 680 million. This means that the second turnover of up to 1 million 420 thousand yuan, every day Chinese "cut the hand 88 yuan, according to each shopping package 0.5 meters wrapped together in the calculation of a half circle around the earth 8.

Chinese consumers love scouring the sea in the United States

people buy buy buy has been extended to at least 68 countries, through cross-border electricity supplier shopping (sea Amoy) has become a part of the lives of more people. According to the cross-border electricity supplier foreign terminal big data show that in 2015 the black Friday promotions, there are millions of people (Times) to participate in the purchase, the per capita consumption of more than 1500 yuan.


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