C2C second-hand car electricity supplier behind the anxiety is how

a year at the head, Mr. obviously felt all cars and used car network advertising seeds is overwhelming, even the excellent letter used car network advertising do 12306 website to buy train tickets. As everyone cars and melon seeds on the other web site advertising is not very enumeration. The first is probably the most impressed Mr Huang Bo’s endorsement of all cars, almost every time you open the video site, the head will meet mr.. The C2C type used car website in the end is how? Let everyone think of Mr head.


first, with the improvement of people’s living standards, China’s used car market prospects will be one hundred billion

reform and opening up to now, China’s living standards continue to improve, the pursuit of material is also in the continuous development. Cars have gradually evolved into the daily necessities of life. According to Analysys think tank data showed China’s second-hand car trading volume in 2015 will reach 9 million 300 thousand. The industry generally optimistic about China’s second-hand vehicle market, it is estimated that by 2020, China’s second-hand car trading volume will reach 29 million 200 thousand units, if the deal with the price of 30 thousand yuan per vehicle, so in 2020 the second-hand car trading volume will millions of level. At the same time, the second-hand car industry is an industry standard, there is no uniform price standard of service industry, how to make both the maximum profit, the present stage form, C2C type second-hand car business is undoubtedly an excellent choice. Like everyone car advertising said, no middleman to make the difference. Such a large capacity of the market, how can we not make people covet?!


therefore, as the second-hand car electricity supplier, all seeds, excellent letter, are sure to in the market has not yet fully developed before to seize the initiative, come out on top. It is not difficult to understand the fierce competition between them.

second, Internet companies need constant capital input, so as to get to the final harvest


first Internet business news is probably the most certain company has how much financing. This seems to have become a common phenomenon in the industry. Now the Internet business is not to see who can make money, but to see who can lose money, and there is a constant capital input, until the last harvest. Regardless of the car or melon network, have completed a number of rounds of financing, the amount of financing is up to one billion yuan. But at this stage of the C2C used car electricity supplier trading volume, only accounted for 2% of the entire used car market. Behind the dismal data, highlights the second-hand car business head of people’s anxiety, the need for greater investment, fostering the consumption habits of users. But all this requires the involvement of capital, so the Internet companies need to continue financing, financing, refinancing.

third, a huge flow of a good brand, good brand spawned continuous flow


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