South Korea does not stop hijacking Chinese traditional festival celebrities love Chinese history

Beijing, November 12, complicated in recent years, the global "Chinese hot" is have a fever, but also in neighbouring South Korea as a traditional state owned and used Chinese characters, but with the increasingly complex mood in the treatment of Chinese characters and traditional culture, and the registered holiday, and suddenly want to registered Chinese medicine, even Chinese historical and cultural celebrities have not let go, but on the other hand, in the exclusion of people can not help but have Chinese characters, so the cultural feeling of insanity. Hongkong, "Wen Wei Po" today published "Mr. Lu heart" article on South Koreans as the representative of the Chinese Chinese characters for complex cultural psychology, gives analysis. The article entitled "South Koreans and" sentiment "and" Chinese characters. The article said that on the occasion of the world’s largest Chinese Dictionary – "Han Han dictionary" published on the occasion of the author writing this article for reference and thinking. The article reads as follows:

in ancient times, the Korean use of Chinese characters is a symbol of identity, in particular, can write a good Chinese character calligraphy, Chinese characters can be used for writing poetry, but also the identity of the upper class social identity.

in 1443, the Korean king Sejong was ordered to create for people using phonography (now Han Wen), known as the "hunminjeongum". However, after a long period of time, the ruling class or the use of Chinese characters, and the use of phonography, with phonetic writing called "hangul".

to the end of the Qing Dynasty, South Korea people began to abandon the former "Chinese characters, saying the" began to occupy the dominant position. Later, South Korea became the colony of Japan, the Japanese colonial authorities identified the "Japanese Chinese text and use" policy, and phonography regarded as anti Japanese elements to be persecuted. As a result, phonography was marked by a patriotic Anti Japanese, identification.

today, "the world’s largest Chinese Dictionary", "Han Han big dictionary" in October 24th by the Korean dictionary compilation, the total volume 16, a collection of 55 thousand Chinese characters and 450 thousand words. Dan Kook University Institute of Oriental Studies, said, currently the world’s three largest Chinese dictionary are Japanese morohashi Tetsuji (1883-1982) and the "Han dictionary" (13 volumes, 49 thousand entries, 400 thousand words), "Taiwan Chinese dictionary" (10 volumes, 50 thousand words, 400 thousand words) Chinese dictionary and China, "" (13 volumes, 56 thousand entries, 370 thousand words), and "Han Han big dictionary" in words and vocabulary are more than the above three Chinese characters dictionary. The Institute also said, "Han Han big dictionary" also added Korean Chinese characters and a total of more than 10 thousand new characters. According to reports, "Han Han dictionary" first edition printed Volume 16, a total of 2000 sets, priced at about 7750 yuan.

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