Film people’s War a victim of Suning under impact


free film has become one of the standard

service Suning stores

Sina Technology Zhang Nan

May 15th, midday skies are cloudy in Beijing. At that time in Zhongguancun Liantan children film Li Bin did not know, a person of the same name with him 20 hours after announcing a decision, and he changed the fate of "tens of thousands".

22 year old northeast of Li Bin, 18 years of high school, leaving home to Beijing to work as a restaurant waiter, also done security, finally chose the film brother this occupation. Carrefour in Zhongguancun near the "film industry", people called him "bin". Have one year experience of film bin, is claimed as "Zhongguancun film brother".

It is said that Li Bin

can distinguish 100 kinds of mobile phone models, and 50 kinds of common types of mobile phone screen size and the corresponding film quoted by heart: "Lenovo S898, 5.3 inch, 20 HD, 30 matte". As long as 20 seconds, he was skilled from pulls out suitable film behind the bag, head start.

film "industry insider"

actually doing this, is very simple, as long as you are willing to learn, will learn 3 hours, "Sina Technology ready to put two of the most expensive" tempered film ", which opened his chatterbox. Bin said he eventually diverted to do film because "the entry is simple, more money, free time".

used to work in a restaurant, only a day off a week, every day from 10 in the morning until the evening of 10 points, tube rice, a month is also on the more than 2 thousand. Dry film, now high profits, a month 4, 5 thousand, and every day will share 6-7 hours.

is a folding table, a chair, a bag and a sign, which is all of his possessions in the bin. He told sina science and technology, in order to make more money, the most important thing is "lots". The best position is people moderate, Lee shade, exclusive. Too many people are not good, there must be competitors come, but also easy to security, chased away.

bin to Sina Technology Popularization "industry knowledge, only a few common film: HD film, matte film, silver film, diamond tempered film, wherein the HD film is the cheapest, the most expensive film tempered. In fact, now the most common film called HD film; surface is not flat, called matte matte film; film has a shiny silver diamond film called, general girl just posted this; the thick film paste is tempered, after the screen will come out.

he quietly said "industry insider", these films from wholesalers that take the cheapest goods as long as a few cents, matte film is less than 1, more than 1 silver diamond membrane, membrane to toughened 2-5 dollars, the purchase price of the most expensive and most expensive film is 10 dollars. But the film cheap charge 20, a good point is 30-40, toughened membrane is 50, with the most expensive film for 100.


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