nternet Taobao popular popular navigation website mode welcomed by users

from Li Xingping’s a simple static page made of hao123 after the acquisition of Baidu’s Internet site quickly fire up. Many grassroots webmaster want to imitate the success of the Li Xingping model, the rise of a navigation site, and one by one to fall. The fact that imitation is the cost, the innovation is eternal! And as the most cattle in the history of Taobao, only "Taobao crown 100 strong" the similar navigation website article, also a lot of income, Taobao customers to promote play the most incisive, and become the classic Taobao guest. Then the imitator, can have income has been pretty good. At this time, Taobao customers need to start innovation in order to create excellent results.

Taobao off from the end of 08 to today, so many grassroots webmaster can be low-cost entrepreneurship, but also allow low-income people can make money by Taobao part-time. The webmaster to promote Taobao customers, their group, QQ group: want to emerge in an endless stream, blog promotion, SEO promotion and so on; Taobao off procedures are numerous: Empire, zblog, WordPress, dream, and Amoy Amoy Dongdong dispensers, etc.; the website form, the name of the site also like flowers with a single page promotion. Taobao also has the crown book stores. Taobao popular in the Internet on the occasion, in some of Taobao’s Q group occasionally will see some of Taobao’s monthly income of over 10000 screenshots.

because more and more people to join the Taobao off, the competition is also growing, the difficulty of promotion is also increasing. Now is to do a single product promotion, there will be a lot of competitors. At the same time, due to the participation of Taobao promotion of product quality and service of the store by Taobao and uneven in quality, the seller has the trust of users, the promotion efficiency gradually decreased. How to enhance user confidence in shopping, have a stronger desire for shopping, sellers and Taobao have an urgent need to solve the problem.

Taobao customers can be popular today, because Taobao customers have innovative spirit. Navigation site to facilitate the user to enter the major well-known sites, hao123 is successful; Taobao crown 100 is to enhance the user’s shopping confidence, but also a success. When more and more people believe that site navigation end insurmountable bottleneck, when more and more people think that imitation Taobao crown 100 strong impossible, the defect network (http://s.zuikui.com) had the advantages of the two successful cases together, the famous Taobao store display to the user in the form of navigation, and update some Taobao stores discount information, allowing users to understand what time to what most famous online shopping money worry. Through unremitting efforts, more and more users like this online shopping navigation site, the most loss network has become a well-known Taobao customer site.

The classification of products, clear

plus a superb collection of beautiful things of the discount store information, more and more users enjoy shopping mode of this simple, simple and creative website will also bring a harvest of income.

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