Taobao customers insist is victory

Ma Yun reputation in the industry is quite good, because he not only help the domestic small and medium enterprises to make money, but also to provide a lot of personal money to make the platform, such as Taobao, Ali mother. So many owners have to start a Taobao customer, the future of online shopping will become more and more frequent, so Taobao off the prospects for the future is still very good, but the market does not strengthen the management will be more and more chaotic, there is already one of the Red Sea, want to do a Taobao customer also need a good idea, here to talk about my views.

first, select the product


is off to help others sell products on commission, Taobao often do the guest will go to mom in choosing the hot and the Commission of the products, this product is the most suitable for auction, or where the high commission.

second, Taobao website design

Taobao customer site design is also a skill, and now we have seen most of the single page Taobao customer promotion. Ten stores such as the promotion of products, the site of the entire theme is "2010 top ten most popular XX products", respectively lists the store credit, week sales, monthly sales volume, because of the larger amount, so the first psychologically aroused the interest of visitors, and then lead into the shop. Evaluation of store sales, product details, after the purchase are very persuasive, very helpful for the turnover rate, as long as the desire and ability to purchase basically will go to buy, so Taobao guest site design is good if one day dozens of IP

is enough!

of course, as well as the use of other sites do Taobao guest, such as blog, mall, etc.. I have read before a mall, specializes in alliance products, such as Taobao,, VANCL and so on, all can get Commission union products are concentrated, formed its own mall, it is a good way. Of course, the workload is quite large.

third, Taobao website promotion

Taobao guest website promotion is the most difficult, and now most of the Taobao guest to do is to use the SEO optimization to get the target traffic, what is the target flow?. For popular keywords do the top difficulty is too big, so many customers do Taobao webmaster choose to do long tail keywords, the effect is very good, but it needs to insist on, everything should be after the first bitter sweet. There are some webmaster to go to someone else’s pond advertising, for example, when I listen to Baidu music, the player on the right side of the green thin weight loss advertising, which is also a good choice, the premise is to have this economic ability. But I rarely see Taobao friend use database communication mode to do, first to seize the potential customers to marketing, as long as we have been doing such products, these people will always be our potential clients, isn’t feasible? Recently there have been Taobao passengers using the station group, this is actually a very clever cheat the result of SEO optimization is even more difficult to do, for this I can only temporarily wait, look at Baidu is how to deal with.

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