Japan just make money in China cross-border electricity supplier can not go snacks

with the rise of the sea Amoy, more and more cross-border electricity supplier also aimed at the Chinese market this big cake, joined the ranks of the nuggets. Recently, a company called Discover Japan of Japan’s cross-border electronic business platform quietly on the line, can direct mail sales of Japanese goods, including baby food, cosmetic, and Home Furnishing, games, toys and many other categories. However, people may not be forced is the electricity supplier of the whole Chinese page seems to directly turn the machine, so there are many hot eyes of translation.


home page at first glance nothing, that is, next to LOGO, all products are shipped from Japan, which makes people feel vaguely wrong. Open the toy and hobby category under the game interface, it is eye-opening……

first came to the town station treasure:


– "the legend of Zelda 3D" directly translated into 3D mask with organs. Ha, the island is indeed a developed industry, which have mask ah!


"Zelda" series of another work "the Delta Force" was not spared, and has been translated into "the legend of Zelda: 2 forces of God". Do not know what to say, 2 of God?


– "soul of darkness" translation is really intended to take half the half tone ah, "the dark Seoul" is what? You can’t just be in neon Tucao South Korea capital! And black soul this page seems to have not well connected directly back home from the recommended page, and not the product introduction page……


feel this business with Nintendo is not, Nintendo game shuffle, "Kirby: Trio" luxury show is "three star luxury" kirby. Well, you don’t even know what the game is.


"flash deities", no problem! Summer swimwear, gun toys!! there is nothing wrong with



This topic is

with Tucao! And Luca how strange you are about




family is the crime, have bully, but you are not a direct Yakuza snob? Minutes to cut you! This website is very smart, in each of the following commodity names are marked with a "the content is by Machine Translation". Do not know if your machine is turned over Google? This pot can not back Google. I specially use Google translate to try such as 0, a node >

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