Ultra billion Chinese glasses glasses topped the billboard, won the best business model innovation a

February 17, 2014 6 pm, Shanghai thousand Sheraton Hotel together, sponsored by the "Chinese glasses technology magazine" agency "of 2013 to 2014 year Chinese glasses billboard" here solemnly announced. Hangzhou ultra billion glasses with mirror Gallery, Henan, Guangzhou, Baoshida glasses throughtrain weizun optics, Ireland Eye and other well-known domestic glasses enterprises go on glasses industry the highest podium, won the "best business model innovation award".

organizers in ultra billion for the said: "leading the reform and development of the industry, with the electricity supplier gene ultra billion, keep innovation and enterprising, the new O2O model, the whole mirror match mode, open counter purchase, such as the introduction of direct M2C, and launched a comprehensive linkage online and offline mode, accelerate the country thousands of chain store layout.

billion this is the first time to participate in China’s glasses industry event, but also the only award-winning electricity supplier companies. Get the award to the ultra billion source of unremitting innovation and enterprising, also marks the industry recognition and affirmation of ultra billion glasses, but consumers of ultra billion to encourage and support.

the billboard was officially launched in December 5, 2013, divided into "company of the year award", "annual quality award", "brand of the year award", "person of the year" 4 categories of audition. After 20 days from WeChat, micro-blog, text messages, phone calls, as well as a wide range of views on the field, and ultimately a fair, impartial and authoritative list released.

billion glasses office director Fu Shuangyan as the representative of the podium (left from the second Ladies)

this list in an all-round and multi angle to show the characteristics of excellent enterprise, outstanding brand charm and outstanding entrepreneurs and their extraordinary style, not only represents the highest level of China glasses industry awards, is the most authoritative China glasses industry benchmark "".

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