Liu Tao what kind of e-commerce business model for service enterprises

service type enterprise is suitable for that kind of electronic commerce business model?

first of all, we should know what is a service-oriented enterprise

service enterprises are defined as: enterprises engaged in the business activities of the current business tax. Including: agency, hotel industry, catering, tourism, warehousing, leasing and other service industries. The above is a basic definition of service-oriented enterprises.

and what is the business model?

I’m here to give you a brief introduction:

is the so-called "business model" refers to an enterprise engaged in market positioning and operating profit target in a certain field, as well as a series of overall strategy, combined to target customers in order to meet the needs of subject.

below to introduce what e-commerce business model


access to the industry is consistent with the classification method is the enterprise and consumers as the dividing standard:

divides the enterprise enterprise (B2B), the enterprise to consumer (B2C), and the consumer to consumer (C2C) and so on.

below we first B2B and B2C, C2C business model for a brief description, so that readers better understanding.

1, B2B business model to participate in both sides of the enterprise is characterized by a large number of orders, the need for business negotiations, in accordance with the terms of the fixed contract and business rules. Credit is a credit card, and then need more complex bank credit management system, to participate in the infrastructure required by the enterprise, including LAN, custom directory and process rules.

2, B2C business model is a direct contact with the customer business, characterized by a small number of orders, mainly according to the price list or fixed price, is the impulse to buy or buy occasionally, so the role of advertising. Credit depends on consumer credit cards, infrastructure is mainly the Internet link.

3, C2C business model is a direct customer contact with customers, that is, goods and information from the consumer directly to consumers, commonly known as online shop".

and service type enterprise is suitable for the above business model? I think we must be difficult to give an accurate judgment, what is the reason?

personally think: whether it is the above business model, service-oriented enterprises can not be attributed to any single kind.

The reason is:

service enterprise services (or is that the product manufacturing enterprises) and production is different, service enterprises sell the intangible services, such as logistics enterprise to provide customers with logistics management services provided by the rural cooperative financial institutions’ credit services, this service (or that is the product) is according to the different status, the different needs of customers, different pricing environment, so as to any kind of business model is not accurate.


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