E-commerce transaction volume has risen sharply small and medium enterprises interactive marketing t

yesterday at the second China International E-commerce application Chinese Expo, chairman of APEC e-commerce business alliance Liu Junsheng, since China’s e-commerce transaction volume exceeded one trillion mark since 2006, every year over 70% growth rate, and optimism is expected in 2010 will reach 15 trillion yuan. More and more small and medium enterprises to join the B2B e-commerce marketing, contributed to the overall prosperity of e-commerce. At the same time, the amount of e-commerce transactions climbed, creating a new era of information marketing in the era of small and medium enterprises. The electronic commerce generally has the characteristics of low cost, high efficiency, openness, reduce transaction costs and create more trade opportunities for enterprises, as many enterprises to cope with the global financial crisis harbor.

, however, not all companies use network marketing tools can achieve the desired results. Many tried to network marketing of small and medium enterprises complain, and now the network marketing spending is growing. With the increasing awareness of network information, the competition of small and medium enterprises to participate in network marketing is becoming more and more fierce. Some small and medium enterprises harvest returns are getting worse, the effect is not as big as before.


side is the wave of network marketing a wave wave, while the small and medium-sized enterprises are not satisfied? Analysis services for many years engaged in the research of network marketing of small and medium-sized enterprises founder Mr. Dyson said a hundred responses to a single call: the main reason for this result is that some SMEs are lack of knowledge of network marketing, to carry out the purpose of network marketing is still vague, more is that they do not know how to choose his own way of network marketing.

current understanding of the status of SMEs in the network marketing is that many small and medium enterprises that search engine ranking is the network marketing, so more focused on the search engine rankings. The search engine is actually a kind of advertising behavior on the Internet, the scope of the search engine rankings in China is mainly based on ppc. More and more enterprises bidding ranking, ranking of more and more, and all kinds of human intervention related with ranking rise. Most of the enterprises involved in the bidding price of the odd increase, but the effect is getting worse.

even in the "Baidu" and "Google" on a gilded signboard ranking, but they also bring traffic to the enterprise web advertising. Business owners in the use of search engines to carry out the search engine rankings must first figure out their own purpose, the price is not to compete for the pursuit of traffic, but the actual effect of the need for trade transactions.

e-commerce is another major application of network marketing. With the development of e-commerce in China ten years of prosperity, now the application of small and medium sized enterprise network marketing trend from the search engine advertising transition to B2B e-commerce, especially the B2B interactive marketing mode is long popular in network service market of small and medium sized enterprises.

B2B search engine search +B2B for e-commerce interactive marketing in the main service model. Judging from the current development trend of network marketing, network applications, whether serving individuals or businesses, but must include