Catch up with the big micro era, how to take the root upward

micro business is now like 01 years of Taobao, everything is unknown, everything is full of possibilities. This is a lot of people can be said to be a new opportunity, as long as the catch will be the next micro brand. So look at the circle of friends began to turn a lot of micro business, we in addition to a small resentment, whether it should also think that this is a trend in the future?

, of course, the development of micro business will not be smooth sailing, micro business friends have done to know the vision is very good, but it is very troublesome to implement. An early, it is difficult for users to select, can not form a pre purchase; two, product supply homogeneity, can not reflect its own characteristics, reflects the characteristics and shortages of three, in the circle of friends to sell things more and more sensitive, at the same time how to increase exposure also make their business better. I want to do? Solve these three problems, the development will become the other logical. But for the hands of the resources of friends, in the face of the development of a micro business environment, what difficulties are nothing but paper. As long as the intention to do, the problem is always to be solved. So look at others like a raging fire doing business, and how to do? I want a really successful micro dealers need to have four post, namely integrity, marketing, circle and team.

integrity. For integrity, I want to. Like Ma said, the electricity supplier has been able to develop, integrity is a factor that can not be ignored, because the integrity of our transactions become more smooth, more smooth development. Especially for a complete sales system based on the relationship between friends, micro business there need more credibility with the escort. Friends who do business understand that cheating is a temporary but not a life. No matter what you sell in your own circle of friends, we have to understand that it is impossible to get the recognition of cleverness. Look at the micro business early run, which is not a high quality of service products, not to say that my own experience of a derivative products, buy only coarse food drinks and other small things, but you can feel each other’s heart, whether it is caused by the buyer words or product instructions, all this is a kind of attitude. When I found that few products sent a box, each other directly deliver not too tangled, because business stress is a straightforward and honest, you believe that I do not covet your product, then I’ll get you this trust. Friendship is between the two sides, NiuNiuNieNie is not big. This we must consider carefully.

marketing. This year it is also afraid of deep alley, you want to make something of a business. Rely on the help of acquaintances can not be long, more to tap the unfamiliar resources is the key, which involves a marketing problem. How to sell their products is a very serious problem. We do not think of yourself more derivative in the circle of friends to send a few pictures will be positively related to returns, this is certainly not the circle of friends is always a private dating environment, too many commercial information will make the other call discontent, so want to improve efficiency can only from other channels in the promotion. Do you have any other ideas at this point