Chop the hand of the party who deformity consumer psychology how to accomplish double eleven

today is the first day of the double eleven carnival, only 12 minutes of Tmall sales break billion, double eleven Carnival passion has been ignited, of course, numerous cut the hand of the party who. Online shopping army is growing, and young people are more likely to irrational consumption, Jingdong, Ali should be grateful to these loyal online shoppers. Buy buy buy a hand chop Party’s pet phrase, but how much value the purchase of goods, perhaps some hand chop party do not know. Follow the trend and make comparisons deformity consumer psychology of online shopping in too many to count them, behind the so-called discount are tricky.


, follow the trend of communication, a free pair of eleven Navy

is not only a large number of hand chop party, there are many to follow suit, dissemination of dual eleven activities of the people, this part of the population in general little online shopping. But today, we will talk about the topic of the double eleven, the topic was fired, the attention of many people naturally. Some users to directly share dual eleven activities in the circle of friends, the number of such communication has increased, in fact the dual eleven activities of free water. The electricity supplier giants unite sizzling double eleven, but to follow suit, blind consumption online shopping army is in a double eleven campaign. Electricity supplier can be completely re create a shopping festival, with the same model can be.

blindly believe discounts, people stupid money more than eleven

double eleven during a variety of discount advertising to consumers, but this kind of advertising is exaggerated, people stupid money more ordinary consumers easily fooled. Double eleven if there is no support of a number of large number of hand chop party, nor the formation of the current scale, some black shop may play after the first price the price of the game, or when price increases only 10%, but that straight down 50%. Electronic business platform in the dual eleven urgent need for supervision and management, the shop is even more so, otherwise there will be chaos price chaos phenomenon will continue to exist, in this regard, Taobao, Tmall is the hardest hit.

false prosperity, double eleven behind the price trap

double eleven promotion continues to heat up, there is a price trap behind the false prosperity, as an ordinary consumer, we should develop the habit of rational consumption. Don’t be fooled some black businesses, discount nature is a good thing, but absolutely can not believe those ads. Business platform data fraud already is not what happens, from the sales of goods, and then to the user evaluation can be done by hired navy. During the eleven double brush sales is the golden period, in order to induce sales orders, which is the owner of the common trick.

in short, double eleven Shopping Festival moved many consumption level in the middle of the grass root users, consumers are Zhanxiaobianyi psychological. But no matter how, or that sentence: "do not buy the essence of sale". In fact, the electricity supplier promotional puerile can, no need to go to the Kengpian consumers know the truth. This paper is based on http://s.szfangwei.c>