Taobao plans to push the way in the parcel stop feature online shopping refund speed


technology news May 12th afternoon news, announced on and rookie network, joint logistics partners launched a service to logistics. If the goods in transit "consumer initiated online refund, businesses can call the courier company midway intercept parcel. As long as the successful pieces, consumers can quickly get a refund. At present, Yunda express, BES Express, Yuantong express delivery enterprises have access to the service section. The function of the beginning of the line, first tested in 15 categories of goods, the effect is good. Average refund time has fallen from 73 hours to less than 19 hours.

Taobao plans to push the way in the parcel stop feature online shopping refund rate faster

past online shopping buyers apply for a refund, if the goods have been issued to businesses, consumer goods after arrival, selection refused, let it return. After receiving the return of the merchant, to be able to confirm the refund operation.

If the package is

family collection, also need to find their own consumers own freight express company, to send it back to the merchant. This not only consumes the patience of buyers, but also to extend the time of the goods in transit loss, the probability of damage to the goods also greatly increased, easily lead to disputes.

has a half-way cut function, the merchant received a refund request from consumers, you can click on the new features online stop delivery, to inform the courier company to stop the parcel. Express company must reply within 3 working hours. Once the reply cut successfully, the system response in 0 seconds, Taobao on behalf of the operation refund. "From the current effect, express cut single link average only 4.2 hours, but also includes the rest of the night and other non working time, rookie network said that if businesses and courier companies operating in a timely manner, the refund of the fastest process only takes a few minutes. This is an unprecedented experience for consumers. At present, and rookie network is gradually released more categories of goods access this function.