Achieves guku million O2O catering bone ashes of the will in which

O2O from the beginning of last year, the Internet community is called the earth trembled and the mountains swayed. The mobile terminal marketing model was put forward, all businesses have begun to strengthen the awareness of mobile, perhaps it is Fenghua missed too much of the Internet, really do not want to miss this opportunity, so new businesses with dumpling plumped into the O2O pond. But the most profitable place is always the biggest risk, O2O has sacrificed a lot of sites on the road, the platform, the industry in the end where is it?


O2O two modes: all the hard group purchase and takeaway

group purchase network has experienced thousands of war group, the time of a hundred flowers contend in beauty electronic commerce research center, according to statistics, by the end of last year, a total of 6246 group purchase website, and the day before, still operating only 870, the survival rate of less than 15%, there are also a number of famous U.S. corporations, public comment, glutinous rice No. 1, Juhuasuan group, or group of group purchase platform. The incoming mobile Internet, make more in-depth group purchase site began to O2O development, the layout of the hotel and tourism group purchase localization, O2O industry once again set off a storm, but the main business catering industry group purchase, the survival of the state did not expect so beautiful.

beauty group group had thousands of war endure burn battle, insist on doing reputation achievements of the overlord of the group purchase now seats, but its resources have been BAT are coveted this year zero profit to suppress opponents of the strategy is to increase the U.S. group pressure; public comment although Tencent capital, only 40 the layout of the city, the three or four line of the city’s lack of its internal moderate culture atmosphere seriously hindered the development of glutinous rice; pour is a big support from Baidu, funds, and the merchant city but also facing the urgent need of expanding coverage.

In addition to the

form has been catering group purchase, takeaway O2O another field, development is staggering and down: rice Unification collapse several months by the media broke the news early food hungry; recently the big movement, and financing is grass root economy, in fact, live is not so comfortable;

restaurant O2O, "time and again" is difficult

dining O2O, buy a temporary formation of the United States mission, public comment, the three strength of glutinous rice group stand in the first echelon of the situation, but no matter which really become a giant food and beverage industry, also need to hone and develop. Delivery mode hungry and meal network recently quite concerned about the industry, is the industry leader in distance is still a long distance.

hungry was named started by grass root, the future has a bright hope, Enron see he is really lucky, has arrived in the C round of financing, the Internet has always been favored investors, unlike Fantong died No one shows any interest in sadness, hungry perhaps is a rare entrepreneurial success, this is to the attention of the people the reason. Plus they insist on both ends of the service, whether it is a user or business can come here to get >