9.9 yuan national postal mail them in the end is earned or lost

9.9 yuan nationwide shipping promotions have been entrenched in Internet business promotion list, as we often say "peibenzhuanyaohe" looks, bustling, very powerful way, there is a feeling of li. Then 9.9 yuan national shipping such Internet promotion mode is "peibenzhuanyaohe"? If it is, why electricity providers have to follow, as one falls, another rises. If not, then they are made or lost.


9.9 yuan nationwide package indeed led to the development of a lot of electricity supplier companies, and therefore gathered a high popularity. For many consumers, 9.9 yuan model will undoubtedly touch their heart’s desire, so cheap, so attractive, even if the quality is not good, spent less than 10 dollars, do not feel bad, if you buy good stuff, that is to the satisfaction of all, this is the temptation of 9.9 yuan in China Shipping where. Although the theory is so strange, but we found that when we buy 9.9 yuan things, and did not imagine the large gap, in contrast we buy a lot of expensive things, all bad, not satisfied with the situation and meet the eye everywhere. Why do we buy 9.9 yuan of things are still very good? This is a psychological problem, 9.9 yuan shipping at the beginning of the cheap let us move, plus 10 yuan less than the cost that we don’t care, because the only sell 9.9 yuan, we will tell myself maybe is a quality or more less such a psychological hint. So when we receive buy things, most of the cases are higher than their original psychological expectations, so 9.9 yuan have been received critical acclaim, the commercial promotion mode is also good.


finished 9.9 yuan nationwide shipping welcome, we return to the business side, whether they are earned or lost? Traditional industries, businesses rent a facade, doing business, promotions or in person or door-to-door, or a big horn loudly singing to attract passers-by attention, then the promotion of shopping guide, on the street to the soliciting voice can be heard without end as one falls, another rises, this is the traditional business model. The traditional business model has several characteristics: first, visible touch. Second, shops location is very important. Third, face to face transactions. Let us look at the Internet business model, the line of business in the Internet or set up their own independent electricity supplier platform operators, or join the third party shopping platform. These virtual shopping mode through a cable, connecting the user only 21 inches or 27 inches and the like of the display, the user is through the window size to see the Internet world. Coupled with the electricity supplier companies are too many, want to be the first time the user to find and see their own is not an easy thing to do, simply call the electricity supplier first need to be known by others. Business consumers choose the traditional business model, the Internet mode, it seems so, but they are not true, selection should be business choice for consumers, businesses, their position on what kind of consumer groups. >