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in the electronic commerce at the same time with the problem of fake stride forward singing militant songs, such as.

in March 9th by the delegation of Zhejiang whole group meeting, the National People’s Congress, Semir Group Co., Ltd. chairman Qiu light and said that last year the "double eleven", Semir regular electricity supplier channel sales amounted to 199 million yuan, but the network platform has revealed that the days of Semir’s sales volume of over 300 million yuan.

we authorized a total of only 10 stores, but not authorized more than 4000, more than $100 million worth of goods produced by non official Semir, there are imitation, counterfeit behavior." Qiu Guang was very angry about it. He suggested, should regulate the behavior of network transactions, increase the protection of intellectual property rights, counterfeiting, and selling behavior of heavy combat network.

in addition, the National People’s Congress, BBK Group Chairman Wang Tianze submitted "on the norms of e-commerce platform, eliminate fake trading advice". State Administration for Industry and commerce, said Zhang Maoyi, online shopping is not outside the law, the Internet trading platform should bear the responsibility.

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business platform trading commodity category in 60% clothing, the clothing industry is also the brand, imitation, infringement and other fraudulent use of the hardest hit.

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company in Chinese market ranked first in the children’s clothing brand" Balabala "as an example, over the years, with the US in terms of quality, design, service and experience to create a" Balabala "this a gilded signboard." Qiu Guang and said, but for now, Semir’s signature but hide the impact of counterfeit products online, unauthorized products and injuries, has seriously affected the brand’s survival, image and development.

some of the sales of fake electricity supplier business, and even directly steal the brand’s corporate image, video, text, misleading consumers. For example, Wang Tian said, for example, after an electronic product, the market will be rapidly popular packaging, brand name is very similar to the product, the brand quickly dispelled the influence of creativity.

, a friend of mine on Taobao to buy someone else’s Jabra Bluetooth headset, just in his hand there are genuine, a comparison found that online shopping is fake." Wang said, "this fake product not only counterfeit Jabra’s trademark, but also counterfeit the design patent."

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business, originally is a huge innovation business model on the Internet, but copying and imitation is too easy, thus affecting the protection of intellectual property rights, all kinds of products of high imitation version is typical of the infringement of intellectual property rights. It is understood that in the current electricity supplier disputes, the proportion of intellectual property is relatively high.

Wang Tian noted that since the end of 2014, the business sector has been investigated and exposed a number of well-known large-scale electricity supplier platform for the existence of fake and shoddy goods and other issues.

Penguin wisdom cool special survey data show that 46.2% of consumers are not satisfied with the probability of online shopping more than 20%, that is, the average every time there are 5 Shopping