Do poineering B2B industry website still can succeed now

often someone asked me two questions, one is now do B2B industry website also have a chance? The other is how I B2B industry website, can do it, let me give him a diagnosis. The first question, I have a lot of public articles to explain, for example, the next 5 years, B2B industry portal will continue to be a sunrise industry, won the recognition of many people. My second question is not well developed the article explained, actually the second problem is the first problem of further discussion, because a website can successfully run, and the actual site of the external environment and internal operation of the right relationship. Most of the content of this article is about an excerpt from "B2B industry portal planning practical research report" the second chapter, from the two aspects of the external environment and the right to explain the method of venture investment.

favorable external environment

1, the next 10 years, China’s manufacturing industry has a certain advantage in the world

The operation of

company of B2B industry site is most of the development is good, a very big relationship with the rapid development of the manufacturing industry Chinese in nearly 10 years, whether it is a Alibaba, global resources, Chinese manufacturing network, or a large number of companies operating in the B2B industry portal, they succeed, directly the relationship with the rapid development of a large number of export-oriented enterprises in the coastal area, a large number of production enterprises driven by the upstream equipment and raw materials for the rapid development of enterprise. There have been a lot of people ask me what time the B2B website industry is a sunset, I told them that when China also entered the ranks of developed countries, the large number of labor-intensive enterprises transferred out of Chinese time, is now the B2B site model decline.

is currently Chinese manufacturing industry, although the coastal areas of the sharp increase in labor costs, some single transferred to a more developed country, but the labor cost Chinese and the Midwest, northeast and other regions is relatively low, development is relatively backward. At the same time, the quality of Chinese made in a long period of time, is still in the international first-class. I believe that at least 10 years, B2B website is still very valuable. Everything is changing, the only constant is change, as long as the site platform, the company structure, the existing B2B site model can also be changed.

2, the network has become popular, and now young users will be more informed of the company’s decision-making power

no one will doubt that the next 5 years or longer period of time, China’s Internet users will be more than double the present, that is, 6-8 billion, or even more, this is the inevitable development. The popularity of the network, through the network, to promote sales of the company’s products, or through the Internet to purchase, learning the work needed for knowledge, which will be used in the work of information, will form a habit, change the situation now not essential, has become a necessity for most enterprises. And the needs of these users, only B2B integrated site and B2B industry site to meet, for the B2B industry website to bring a lot of market. < >