E-commerce network should be people-oriented

from the emergence of e-commerce to SARS in 2003 catalyzed the development of online shopping market, China’s e-commerce market almost every year to more than 100% of the rate of growth. Electronic commerce, a vibrant and exciting market, but this China ten years of the development of e-commerce enterprises are facing an embarrassing situation, the annual turnover of billions of websites or electronic platform, trading volume Baiyiqianyi, no profit. According to a "strongman" said, companies are not profitable, is immoral! In the face of so many "e-commerce enterprises immoral", the author believes that the main reason is that these enterprises are not truly people-oriented, not solve the fundamental problem of business development: such as: trust, logistics, payment, convenient only; cheap to shopping, is very ridiculous, commercial or business that does not generate profits? Cheap good product? Yes, but not by the so-called "price system" in the "price system!", I believe that it is absolutely "bad money drives out good"! Joy, have recently seen a new model of e-commerce network of Internet Peer Discussion of community e-commerce, this is the leader in the field of enterprise — nine community network, the simple analysis of the future development of electronic commerce.

people-oriented service is the fundamental e-commerce

the integrity of our ancestors people-oriented, accumulated for thousands of years of experience to teach us many of the business of the road, such as the "good faith", "credibility is the business of the" customer is God "business big nothing better than" and "than the letter", "believe in the world like the Yellow River, the Yangtze River" and so on valuable experience. But now the Chinese online shopping market, a lot of network The atmosphere was foul., did not put the customer first, selling fake, and dishonest people. This enterprise will one day be collapsed. Nine community network, the chief believes that e-commerce should inherit the essence of traditional business, customer focus, integrity management, continuous improvement to provide customers with the most perfect service. Only to provide more and better services, e-commerce can be successful in the future.

professional services more refined nine community network Li chief asked someone to do specialize, make an enterprise to monitor the quality of goods, it is not possible to successfully establish the integrity of the system. Alipay does not guarantee that your money is safe. So nine community network proposed to allow the third party – government departments to help the site to inspect. Means that all the nine community network to join the shop, are registered with the trade and Industry Bureau has a legal personality, there is the physical appearance of the shop, so in the nine community network shopping customers do not have to worry about the after-sale problem. Quality problems, directly to the local government departments to resolve complaints. The focus of the site is to provide better shopping services. Nine community network is more important is to change the concept of online shopping customers, remember to buy authentic online shop to go to a regular business, not cheap. For example, all of the nine community shops are real community stores, are registered with the trade and Industry Bureau, there are formal businesses facade. Make shopping safer, consumer rights become very easy.