Wanda electricity supplier third CEO has left Wang Jianlin pushing fly where 2020 listing

every reporter Zhang Si each edited by Wu Yue

February 13th, according to surging news reports, Wanda fly where CEO Lee in February this year, leaving. Daily economic news reporter for the first time to Wanda confirmation, as of press time has not been restored.

a year ago in February 2016, when Wang Jianlin out of the annual salary of 8 million yuan, Wanda Wanda entered the CEO where Li Jinling, who had been flying after the rotation of the and the policy of any of the two CEO. Such a personnel change is true, then Li Jinling will become the founder of the flight since its inception in 2014, leaving the third CEO.

in January this year, Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin had in the group’s annual meeting, announced that its business platform "fifast" plan for the first private this year, raising 10 billion yuan, and strive to achieve profitability in 2018, 2020 profit of over ten billion and listed. Electricity supplier analyst Li Chengdong told the "daily economic news" reporter said, Wanda electricity supplier issues more, the team is not stable, business model and fuzzy loss are serious burn the current main problems. After the integration of online and offline, the electricity supplier is more difficult to do alone, depending on how to integrate the whole channel Wanda resources.

problem is not a person can solve

Wanda repeatedly replace the fly where the electricity supplier leader, you can see the difficulty of physical retail and Internet integration.

in the past 2016, Wanda’s business is in rapid growth. At the beginning of this year’s annual meeting, Wang Jianlin said proudly, "2016, Wanda Commercial, cultural, tourism and other services have achieved rapid growth, Wanda has been successful, is no longer a Real Estate Company".

in the experience of Gong Yitao and Dong policy after two CEO rotation, in February 2016, for the opening of the annual salary of $8 million for the Wang Jianlin, Wanda Wanda entered the where she served CEO. But the concern is that the annual salary of three CEO soared, from 2 million to 4 million 500 thousand to 8 million yuan. Some analysts believe that this shows that the job is not good to do.

media quoted informed sources, Wanda internal dissatisfied with Li Jinling, mainly that Li Jinling do not understand retail. Liu Sijun, President of the big business group pointed out, but also understand the Internet and understand the retail talent is really small, so it seems to take over Wanda electricity supplier does not want to look for CEO, Wanda also find tired.

August 29, 2014, Wanda, Baidu, Tencent announced the establishment of a joint venture Wanda electricity supplier, plans to invest 5 billion yuan a year. Among them, Wanda holds a 70% stake in Baidu, the Tencent will hold 15% equity, then three partner intends to create O2O Wanda electricity supplier in the world’s largest electronic business platform, and this is Wanda electricity supplier who fly the predecessor.

2015 2~3 months, Wanda electricity supplier began to transition, into the 2 era. In this transitional order