The running of the business, profit and willful an in how long will continue to burn

Abstract: electricity supplier industry pattern, the market share is concentrated to a certain extent, a large platform for the ability to control the resources for all to see. But we found that the new commercial retail pattern is taking shape. Tencent, Baidu, Wanda alliance formed online community, Alibaba intime shares and tried to develop the O2O test, the vertical electric providers are also increasingly popular.


traditional electricity supplier has been the end of the era of extensive profit, return to the essence of retail, seize the information flow, logistics, capital flow is the core competitiveness of the channel.

after nearly 20 years of barbaric growth, e-commerce development in China ushered in the golden age".

from catfish type spoiler "counter attack" to get in by every opening subversive business, strong rise in various fields of consumption, finance, agriculture, medical treatment, cross-border trade etc..

in recent years, the online retail based e-commerce continues to maintain rapid development. 2002, China’s e-commerce market transactions amounted to only 1 trillion yuan in 2014, e-commerce transactions totaling about $13 trillion, an increase of 25% in the global electricity supplier market among the best.

China the electricity supplier industry in explosive growth at the same time, also showing a variety of chaos, such as the low culture, vicious competition, the proliferation of fake, credit crisis, tax loopholes, etc..

if the traditional business is inefficient and extensive, the efficient electricity supplier to the extensive pace all the way down


in Taishan


China B2C electricity supplier in the field has been a huge forest, in the field of C2C, it is a dominant Taobao, almost become synonymous with personal shop. As for online shopping sharing tools, regardless of whether the Alibaba riveting enough strength to sell exchange, or mobile phone version of "Wangwang", is WeChat’s rival.

has gone crazy giant mergers and acquisitions enclosure 2013 and 2014, China’s increasingly clear regional layout of the internet. Analysys think tank released September 2014 mobile APP on the list, 9 belong to the BAT camp in the top 10, leaving a Sogou input method has also been Tencent shares.

mergers and acquisitions stake stand intensified, followed by accelerated fragmentation pattern: Taobao blocked Baidu search crawl; in the Jingdong shopping would no longer be able to use Alipay Taobao and WeChat mutual payment; screening; high hopes for Ali mobile social software "to" WeChat for shielding; Ali investment fast taxi failure to share envelopes in the WeChat platform, the same as Ali Sina micro-blog subsequently blocked WeChat, micro-blog promotion in public.

some just started the start-up period of the electricity supplier website frankly, they feel the electricity supplier oligopoly pattern another pressure. Mother and child vertical electricity supplier website honey bud baby recently announced the completion of the C round of $60 million financing. A >