Teach you how to make money with Taobao Laoniao

since 2006 began operating Taobao, now has a full three years, from the beginning to keep going by painstaking effort and monthly income of over 10000, now, the ups and downs of something want to say and you want to Amoy friends.

2005 came into contact with Taobao, Taobao to buy something that time just heard a lot cheaper than the market price, but the network has made me feel too unreal, always could not be determined to have a wash. Money, do not receive the goods? Get something time do? One day after class back, tired and faint, climb a small bed, suddenly heard "bang", I love the mobile phone and left this world. Desperation had to seek another mobile phone to complete it. Around the large and small mobile phone stores, and finally set a love machine, expensive. To empty all the savings, to enter the phone! Chuaizhe wallet, straight to your burning with impatience sprint, who knows a friend of brake and bumped into a friend! Helpless smile, ask a: why you want to go? Affair will inform friends and friends from the mouth to know Taobao bought with money mobile phone can save four hundred or five hundred money, more than Taobao and shy in the indissoluble bound nang.

actually I also want to do a webmaster play, interested in the run to apply for an old name Oh ~ ~ ~ ~ a central, promising, but time can not let me do this, get a period of time not what big improvement, then gave up the road. Get on the Taobao!

in Taobao, I learned a lot of things, purchase, shooting, dealing with customers and suppliers, to store no credit, always thought that as long as their own things than the credibility of the seller is cheap, their service attitude than other excellent seller, we can reach the level of the heart, in a short period of time even in diamond, crown class the seller. But the shop opened, the goods, and the rest became a long wait…… From the beginning to sell, as long as people are asked to later become a luxury, out where the problem in the end? With the passage of time, gradually understand the rules of Taobao, the commodity arrangement, how many window, have become essential, after a year of Taobao live, be familiar with the rules and skills. The success of the store is not a lack of things, but also the most important – stable customers.

If the

can ensure the flow of the shop, if to ensure a stable customer resources? Treatment principle of the problem is only a – stable and old customers, develop new customers! A new customer to deal in the store, take a long time to talk and to bargain, but an old customer is you invisible the assets, because the old Gu trust you, how to let a customer is your old customers rather than a traveler, there is a lot of work to do. To deal with a lot of details, in addition to ensure product quality and customer service service, is to pay attention to the details! For example, a customer in the store you buy a dress for his girlfriend as a birthday gift, in addition to you as much as possible to ensure the quality of clothes, you can also do what? There are many things you can do more than

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