Ma Yunshuang 12 money Alipay wallet spending all 50 percent off

[TechWeb] reported on December 12th news, this year 12 does not seem to be ever so popular among people, perhaps to improve people money consumption desire, Alibaba seems to play the offbeat strategy. Ma Yun offers 200 yuan credit to all the people of Beijing, as long as these businesses with Alipay wallet spending all 50 percent off.

these 50 percent off consumption includes: Beijing taxi, restaurants, convenience stores, supermarkets, hypermarkets, vending machines, etc..

you can get from Alipay wallet "1212 pocket Carnival" service window in 5 yuan fast red taxi,!!!! can be used with fast taxi vouchers superposition. There is also a chance to get a red envelope in the service window, each sharing more than a friend, red base can be increased by 5 yuan. Half an hour later, red explosion, the amount will be randomly assigned to all participants.

13× 2+50+20+20+50+20+4 +5 (beverage prices) (fast red +X (>) seed envelopes); 200 yuan, in so doing, one day in December 12th, a Beijing man, at least you can earn 200 dollars from Ma Yun’s body.

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