Jingdong involved in fresh convenience stores to achieve delivery drainage


text / Sohu IT song Xuan

recently, Jingdong announced the official involved in the fresh market, and Dalian Zhangzidao Group signed an agreement to introduce the fresh convenience store next line system, the Palestinian people understand that the cooperation of Jingdong as the lead party, not in direct mode of selling fresh seafood, but fresh products to the drainage line convenience stores, and ultimately delivery".


, Ba interview with the Jingdong O2O for Hou Yi, in his view, the essence of Jingdong O2O is the integration of the supply chain under the line, will also begin to engage in fresh from the supply chain.

1, the core is the convenience store offline. Jingdong at the beginning of this year had a high-profile announcement of its line of convenience stores plan, at present, the program has nearly 10000 convenience stores. Open fresh electricity supplier is approached by Jingdong, convenience stores will be the direct purchase of the company’s fresh products, and put on the sale of Jingdong, the user orders, the convenience store is ultimately responsible for the last mile distribution.

2, the integration of logistics system. Fresh electricity supplier is the key point of logistics. Hou Yi to the Palestinian people to interpret, the project in Zhangzi Island company will be responsible for "transportation", namely the user orders the day after the seafood by Zhangzidao own logistics and distribution to the capital city of refrigeration, and then by convenience stores in the city to complete the small storage and final distribution, the delivery time is 1 days.

3, Jingdong will be fresh online channel. Hou Yi revealed that Jingdong will be in June this year, on-line fresh channels, the main fruit, seafood fresh. The current mode of the channel is not direct, but entirely based on the logic of the convenience store model.

4, will eventually get involved in direct sales model. In the above model, Jingdong’s main role is the role of information platform providers and supply chain integration. Hou Yi said to the Palestinian people, the Jingdong from the convenience shop according to the sales of pumped into information charge. In the future, the model gradually mature, Jingdong will be involved in the direct selling fresh market, at present, the main reason is the direct selling has not yet started, the Jingdong does not currently have the ability of cold chain logistics, the company is developing distribution equipment including human preservation vehicle, in order to achieve the direct model.

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