Research on marketing integration of traditional commerce and e-commerce platform

now more people try to purchase their favorite products through large-scale integrated shopping network, such as Taobao, excellent network. This is a challenge for traditional commercial enterprises. With the further development of e-commerce, the challenge will be more serious.

in the face of the impact of e-commerce, traditional business should be how to deal with, is to maintain the status quo, or face the challenge, in the development of their strengths while the advantages of e-commerce, marketing integration?

1, traditional business and e-commerce

e-commerce is based on modern information technology and network technology, financial electronic collection, information management, business information network into one new trade to achieve logistics, capital flow and information flow in harmony. ? different from traditional commercial premises, e-commerce mainly through the Internet to achieve business activities, do not need specific premises, only need to open a shop on the net, set up related information management of goods, which began operating, saving rental stores and hiring costs, reduce the cost. At the same time, e-commerce also has the advantages of convenient advertising, a wide range of consumers, there is no consumption time, the limitations of the consumption area, etc., has become the most effective commodity, the most economical and convenient marketing tools.

traditional business refers to the commercial activities carried out through specific business premises. The traditional commercial enterprises include not only all kinds of large-scale integrated shopping malls, but also a large number of various types of collective, individual industrial and commercial enterprises. These enterprises, mainly through the specific store, the operation of specific goods, and through the purchase of goods to customers face to face communication, to promote the completion of commodity trading. For these companies, they are faced with operating costs, including the store rent, utilities and employed staff and other costs, compared with the current emerging e-commerce, has a significant cost disadvantage.

although the traditional business is still the main mode of consumption of consumers, the traditional business is also spending habits, shopping convenience, fast and after-sales service, etc., has a certain advantage. However, these advantages will be lost along with the continuous development of e-commerce. Therefore, the traditional business must conform to the e-commerce information and network marketing trend, seize the opportunity, integrated marketing and e-commerce platform, and strive to achieve both play the traditional business advantage, and fully absorb the advantages of the effect of electronic commerce.

2, marketing integration platform analysis

to achieve the integration of traditional business and e-commerce platform marketing, you can introduce the concept of e-commerce in traditional business activities. Is to build a for all the traditional business enterprise e-commerce platform, so that these enterprises through the up platform to build their own network through the L store, online store to the consumer publicity, information on goods own entity shop business, in the traditional business activities at the same time, also for e-commerce activities at the same time.

the traditional business e-commerce platform to various cities of the traditional commercial enterprises as the service object, as

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