Sell fast to reduce the number of sellers window not far from the charges

the latest learned billion state power network, aliexpress will change to window use policy, from the beginning of May 4th, the user gets the window of monthly resources will be reduced, and when the window has become can be accumulated resources.

According to

billion state power network to understand, aliexpress every month according to the seller to the user level presented a certain amount of windows, the seller in the window shelves, the window will pass the relevant page to sell in the speed display, so as to achieve the function of product exposure. In addition, the shelves of goods in the window to sell through the search page will get a certain priority.

in this policy change, the excellent service level of the seller’s monthly reward window number from 10 down to 3, and a good level of the seller can get the window every month from the 5 down to 1. Pass grade seller has been canceled the qualification of the window display, two months can not receive a window.

window display before and after the upgrade

addition, the window will be valid for a period of change will be based on the validity of the service level before the window to determine the validity of the period, and adjust the policy, the window is only valid for 7 days.

the window a policy change, aliexpress said, the reason why the window is reduced and the effective resources is shortened, because the aliexpress platform found prior to issuance of the window to influence the exposure of the weak, for policy changes can make the window window position to play a greater effectiveness. Fast selling side hope that the seller can better control their own stores to do a good job of resources.

In addition

, aliexpress said that after the upgrade utility window in the ranking will be improved at the same time, because the window into a cumulative resource, so the seller can use window at a particular time, in order to achieve better means to upgrade shop.

this, there are sellers that this change is a big subversion, because in addition to the window effect has been bad, so I hope to change the effect of the window has been enhanced. But there are also some sellers expressed dissatisfaction with the window, that resources are not only less and less effective period becomes shorter and shorter, and pass / fail sellers window resources become no difference, this will be slightly unfair. More sellers believe that fast selling through the gradual reform is expected to become the next window or charging resources.

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