Daily net double 11 beauty 90 percent off 100 Taiwan nouveau riche gold 1 yuan.

the upcoming "double eleven", every day will be held on the theme of "double net eleven · 90 percent off to buy 300 to send 500 large-scale shopping Carnival" promotional activities, not only have as many as 100 iPhone5S nouveau riche gold 1 yuan net all beauty seckill, every day will be 1 fold, kuangsong million red envelopes.


According to the

daily net marketing department responsible person, in order to meet the double 11 online shopping consumer demand this season, every day hundreds of network brand beauty emergency on-line brand flagship store (pinpai.tiantian.com), brand beauty 1 fold, the 50 percent off cap, and held six large shopping activities.


thousands of millions of red envelopes, big run 100 iPhone5S coupon; 1 yuan price spike activity; the November website sign can obtain beauty, can obtain the highest hundred dollars worth of beauty package; every free single activity, every day the whole month of November free single three, double 11 day more 11 free single prize; more big limited beauty only need to add 11 yuan can get a single.

day network brand flagship store on-line since September after beauty brands currently support, including Estee Lauder (EsteeLauder), Lancome (Lancome), Chanel (Chanel), L’OREAL (Loreal) and hundreds of high profile beauty brands, the jointly organized promotional activities to meet the double eleven shopping festival.

, according to industry analysts, beauty brands although in each business platform such as Tmall, Jingdong settled is standard, but in vertical beauty electricity supplier, every network is one of the few few, the large number of beauty brands to enter the net every day to open a flagship store, and held deep skill collaborative double 11 promotion activities highlight 14 years beauty electricity supplier network platform of history every day.

is worth mentioning is that the network is to build 11 activities every day two whole month of November in the shopping spree, it seems a year a day, a day at a time, once one has OUT, but also be able to purchase beauty every day every day every day to buy, beautiful, cool.

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