A study on the difference of B2C e-commerce model between Taiwan and China

April 22, 2010, sponsored by the iResearch Consulting Group, the fifth annual summit of the 2010 Annual Conference in Beijing, the special opening of the National Convention Center in Beijing. The annual meeting venue in addition to scale, comprehensive pay more attention to the content, in the previous discussion covers issues, but according to the current mobile Internet and e-commerce special open special focus in the field of Internet China, invited guests also strive to more international. The following is the founder of MMbuy Lin Wenqin published in the participants entitled the two sides B2C e-commerce model to explore the difference between the speech live record:

Lin Wenqin: I’m glad here to share with you the differences between the two sides of B2C electronic commerce mode of Taiwan, some Internet friends if you want to know, or the development of the Internet industry, the only place is the iResearch consulting. The share of today is to explore the differences between the two sides of B2C e-commerce model, I will introduce my past background, in the Olympic Games opening ceremony the day I joined a Shanghai company, the company with my former company are growing very fast, I share with you a.

first look at the sketch map of Taiwan electricity supplier industry, just on both sides of the situation is very similar, although YAHOO said on the mainland side performance is not so prominent, but in YAHOO’s global local company, Taiwan YAHOO is the strongest performance area, a lot of people with him, if we compare, under this a situation, he is also the portal case number. Then we see the diagram, the electronic commerce environment, also in front of a share in the mainland, B2C is only 15% to 16 share, according to the analysis of this morning, Ai Rui, such as Dangdang stuff in the back row, then look at the differences between both sides of the electricity supplier to do, first of all, is the first choice of Taobao C2C, the largest share of for example, like Jingdong, like Taobao mall in Taiwan, as the most important one of the auction, the market share is relatively large, the preferred platform for cooperation in Taiwan, very much in Taiwan own open platform of the B2C. My MMBuy is also after some impact on both sides of the first mainland, here is more heavy, light, the model is very work, Taobao has a consignment model, they do not have the money, he set up shop there are many orders are from without his permission to sell on Taobao, with the Taiwan not the same.

side with bargaining power, he used his suppliers to help him shipped small companies do not have to use this model into the warehouse model. The mainland is cash on delivery, cash, the second is Alipay, to guarantee transaction, arrive immediately supplemented, third is the online banking payment, credit card, and Taiwan is the convenience store to store and transfer payment network ATM pickup.

The third party logistics

, local conditions, freight shipments of local differences, to attract local order, this situation does not appear in Taiwan, so he can be part of an all day, he can develop a very precise, in the freight case, two >

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