The Jingdong started ahead behind PO Mall electricity supplier listed war card

September 7th evening, foreign media reported Jingdong Mall (micro-blog) to start the IPO program, plans to raise $4 billion to $5 billion. After this reporter to a number of investment banks in China District executives confirmed that Jingdong mall is indeed in contact with the various investment banks, asking about listing.

mall Jingdong listed in advance, it also attracted a lot of attention, guess why ahead of the market, the valuation is reasonable? Many comprehensive views of the industry that Jingdong mall announced C round of financing valuation is already high price, this volume is very difficult to do D round of financing, only direct listing. If the money is not enough to support the C round in 2013, Jingdong mall can only be listed in advance.

at the same time, the market will be listed, and Eslite lashou (micro-blog) listed on the news. The worst time has been in the past, the electricity supplier get together to the market, from the enterprise to the investor, from the investment bank to the U.S. investors are looking forward to things. If successful listing of these companies, the pattern of the electricity supplier industry will have far-reaching impact.

Jingdong mall why want to advance listing?

September 8th, Jingdong chairman of the board of directors of the Liu Qiangdong Mall (micro-blog) in Sina micro-blog, forwarding Jingdong listed earlier news and comments: "next week I don’t know what I’m in the Taklimakan Desert somewhere!" so ambiguous comments, more suspicion, it is There are no waves without wind.

in this regard, the industry in an uproar. In accordance with the listing of Jingdong mall timetable, Jingdong mall should be listed in 2013, why advance listing?

everyone’s first reaction is that Jingdong mall will not be too short of money. From last year’s C1 turn in April this year, C2 round, Jingdong mall claims a total of $1 billion 500 million financing. But an industry source pointed out that "in the electric business financing, water injection is a very common thing, Jingdong also ‘mall record’ – they had lied before WAL-MART shares. I think, Jingdong C round may not melt to $1 billion 500 million, but I estimated that $1 billion is. So, Jingdong from the financial or financing needs."

China e-commerce research center analyst Feng Lin pointed out: the greater the amount of investment, the more stringent the conditions of its investors out of. Jingdong C round of financing valuation has reached $10 billion, this volume is difficult to carry out D round of financing, in the case of not yet profitable as well as the financing environment is getting worse, as soon as possible is the best choice."

sent on behalf of the network analyst Li Chengdong believes that the Jingdong 1 billion 500 million C round of financing the mall was completed in April, the past two or three years of large-scale investments in warehousing and logistics, that is to say at least two years of Jingdong and will not be short of money. Jingdong ahead of the listing is doubtful, but if listed in advance, the consideration should be considered in the next two years, the global economy is uncertain, the capital market is uncertain, as early as the market, in order to get a better valuation.

sum up, if before the mall C round of financing Jingdong that is not $1 billion 500 million, the financing is not enough to support.

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